In 2011, Stop Putting Off Your Dreams

Some of us make attempts to accomplish a few life and business goals. But how many people do you know who put everything on the line to pursue their deepest, most life-changing dreams? How many don’t wait until “someday” to go after the things they want?

What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

A recent survey of New Year’s resolutions found that workers want to get organized, stay connected, and respond more quickly to business communications. What are your New Year’s resolutions? How do you plan to manage your work life in 2011?

Moving to Mac: Window Management Tips

In my 6 month check-in documenting my move to Mac, I mentioned some of the general usability issues that I was still experiencing. My last post garnered a lot of comments in response, with some great tips from readers I thought I would share with you.

Mobile App Boom Is Lifting Heroku’s Fortunes

The rise of smartphones is having an impact across the entire technology food chain from chip makers to handset manufacturers. San Francisco-based Heroku, which has been focused on being a Ruby-on-Rails cloud platform, has seen a sudden demand for its service from mobile app developers

VMworld Met Expectations, But Is That Enough?

VMware used the past couple VMworld events to push visionary cloud strategies, but this year, the virtualization giant merely lived up to expectations — and possibly narrowed the competition gap.

How I Stay Productive at Conferences

It is fascinating to watch how people behave during conferences in ways that either help or hinder their productivity. It is important to find ways to make the most out of our time at the event, while still getting other work done and remaining productive.

3 Productivity Tips for the Corporate Web Worker

I should admit to a dirty little secret: I’m a productivity junkie. I get an enormous amount of pleasure out of finding faster and more efficient ways to accomplish everyday tasks; I love to find better ways to gather and process information more quickly.

Diacarta: Picture Your Schedule

Are you bored with regular calendars? Diacarta, a new app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, has come up with a different way of visualizing your schedule. When you open the app, instead of the usual grid of hours, you’ll see an analog clock face.