Broadband gets on a “power trip”

Cable operators, already monitoring DSL’s approach, will soon see another competitor pop into their rearview mirrors when power utilities, hungry for new ways to recoup revenues being sapped by deregulation, turn their attention to high-speed data delivery — and, maybe, to full-service voice and video entertainment as well. [broadband daily]

India Losers, But what a World Cup?

Wisden has a fantastic recap of the World Cup 2003. Among the highlights are

One of the bright spots of this World Cup was the performances of the minnow teams, who all had their moments of glory (except Bangladesh, who werenÌ??t supposed to be minnows any more, but turned out to be more like plankton)

Canadian John Davison earned instant immortality for his 67-ball hundred against West Indies.

Kenya’s advance to the semi-finals was a romantic story, and they did beat Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh of the Test nations.

India improved in leaps and bounds after being thumped in an early group game by Australia, and reached the final … where they were thumped by Australia.

The cream came to the top: Sachin Tendulkar, the worldÌ??s best batsman, was the World CupÌ??s top runscorer. Chaminda Vaas, Sri LankaÌ??s under-rated opening bowler, was the leading wicket-taker, and took one of its two hat-tricks. Brett Lee, the fast bowler youÌ??d most like to have on your side, blasted out the other.

Broadbandits: the book finally finished

It has taken me almost six months since I started working on my first ever book, Broadbandits: Inside the $750 billion Heist, but it is finally done. I shipped back the edits last night to the publishers, John Wiley & Company. I am waiting for the final galleys right now. Perhaps it would take another two or three weeks, so this finally gives me a chance to take a deep breath and take in some of the cold air which is ripping through Manhattan these days. It just feels nice to be done; a lot of weight has lifted off my shoulders it seems. My conversation with parents this morning was relatively stress free and pleasant. Looks like I am back to being a civil person. If you read this and are interested in helping out by buying an advance copy, please go to by clicking here.

Salon Loves The Guru

“She’s a porn star, he’s a sex swami who wants to be John Travolta in “Grease” in this delightful screwball comedy,” writes Charles Taylor in Salon Magazine, in the process becoming one of the few critics who love this movie. “The Guru” kicks off with a neat joke about cultural cross-pollination and burbles along with an infectious, agreeably silly sweetness. Determined to “follow the beat of your heart,” a young man named Ramu departs Bombay for New York City to become a star. His parents warn him that he’ll end up a waiter or a cab driver, but he’s so starry-eyed that it doesn’t phase him.”