Yet Another Reason Our Readers Rock

kodak-carosuel-750After unexpectedly being offline for most of yesterday to handle some estate affairs, I’m just starting to get caught up on mobile tech news of the day. But first thing this morning, I tweeted a picture of something I found last night. It’s not mobile, but there is a mobile aspect if you bear with me. I found my father’s old Kodak slide projector along with tons of family slides ranging from 1971 to 1984. In one of the early slides, I’m a toddler on the Staten Island ferry and you can easily see the World Trade Center under construction in the background. What an amazing picture to have! Of course, it’s on a slide, so I’ll have to make the image more mobile by digitizing it.
Wouldn’t you know that not even 30 minutes from the time I tweeted my find, I was contacted directly by one of our readers? He offered to loan me a USB device that can read the slides and digitize them into .JPG format. This way, I can share the images with my family, post some of the non-personal historical ones online and carry around any that are near and dear to me. The offer to borrow a digitizer isn’t the first time I’ve had a reader try to lend a hand either. I can’t count how many times folks have offered to loan me a netbook, notebook, camera lens and various other bits of gear. Each is a kind and generous offer.
That’s what makes jkOnTheRun what it is — it’s not what James and I write, nor what we do —  it’s the camaraderie and community that offers the real value. It’s the readers that make this site what it is each and every day and for that, I’m sincerely grateful!

Kevin Tofel needs your thoughts and prayers

tearMy good friend and your co-host here needs your prayers.  Kevin Tofel unexpectedly lost his father yesterday and he needs our help. He’s in my thoughts in this difficult time and will you please join me in wishing Kevin and his family the strength to help each other through this trying time. Life can be hard at times, and this is certainly one of those, but we are here for you, Kevin.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin’s father, and he was a sweet man. It’s obvious that Kevin didn’t fall far from the tree and if you’d ever met his father you’d understand why Kevin is a great guy. My meeting Kevin’s father was just like meeting Kevin himself, first over Skype and later in person; he was a nice man and very proud of the work that Kevin does here.  He told me that with a big smile on his face.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Kevin. Be there for them so that you all may get through this together. I’ll keep things going here but know that this is just a gadget blog and not important in the overall scheme of things. Your family is what really matters and may you all get through this together. My heart is heavy for you and Barb and your kids.  Peace be with you my friend.

Free Tools and Best Practices for Site Translation

For many of us who produce and oversee content on the web, the job of accurately translating it into other languages is an extremely difficult one. There are quite a few tools available to help, though, including many free ones that can automate the process. Today, Microsoft (s msft) released a new Translator Widget that can be put on a site to let users get at translations without leaving the pages they’re viewing. It was developed at Microsoft Research. We’ve also done a series of posts on translation recently over on the OStatic blog.

Here are details on several resources you can get for free.
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What’s Your Favorite Web App, Guy Kawasaki?

I’ve been at SXSW attending sessions, seeing product demos and interviewing tech company founders. I’ve also been asking anyone who identifies themselves as a web worker about their favorite web app and how it helps them with their work.

Here is the first of a series of short interviews with a variety of web working types, starting with venture capitalist and co-founder of Alltop, Guy Kawasaki, who reveals his favorite web app: the “ultimate marketing tool for Twitter.”

What’s Your Favorite App, Guy Kawasaki? from WebWorkerDaily on Vimeo.

You can find Guy Kawasaki on Twitter: @guykawasaki.
Stay tuned for links to upcoming video sound bites from SXSW by following us at @webworkerdaily.

Clearing The Cache

Like many of us, I spend quite a lot of time on the web and come across a staggering number of interesting things. In Clearing The Cache, I pull out some of my favorites and share them with you.

Record and search voice notes on your Windows Mobile phone – Our friends over at jkOnTheRun alert us to the very cool Microsoft Recite preview.

Looking for stock photos? Mike at Two Guys Tech says Get Free Images at Free Range Stock. Give a listen to their weekly podcast while you’re there.

Bring idea management and collaboration for your team with Kindling.

When taking questions after a presentation or on a panel, Michael Wade explains why it’s important to Let Your Answers Be Wise and Brief on Execupundit.

@sbbuzz, the weekly Twitter tech talks I mentioned earlier have been a great success. If you’ve missed the buzz, you can still catch a summary of the Feb. 10th Edition.

Ben Barden, developer of the Injader CMS asks entrepreneurs: How Committed Are You?

What interesting finds do you have in your cache? Share them in the comments.

Get More Out of Facebook With My Web Portfolio

Facebook is a great tool for web working. It makes networking simple, offers loads of opportunities for promotion, and it boasts a massive user base. Still, it’s not designed to foreground your work, and sometimes it can be a little difficult to draw attention to the things you want people to take notice of using only your basic profile options and Facebook’s native Page and Group tools.

My Web Portfolio is a Facebook application that’s designed to help web designers at least strut their stuff on the popular social network. Just as the name implies, it allows you to build and share a portfolio of your web sites and share them with other Facebook users.

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Say hello to my new granddaughter

This is a totally selfish post but I want to welcome to the world my new granddaughter, Serenity Lyn.  Serenity came into the world on 12/04 and mother Morgan and baby are doing fine.


Demand for iPhone Developers Up 500%

The SDK and the success of the App Store have combined to create an emerging professional category, that of iPhone application developer.

According to oDesk, a technology outsourcer billing itself as the “leading marketplace and global IT platform for outsourcing technology jobs to certified, freelance, Apple iPhone developers”, demand has risen for iPhone-related positions from 30 to upwards of 140 jobs per month over the past six months.
While the numbers are drawn from internal oDesk records only, such a steep increase is unlikely to be an isolated phenomenon. Nor is oDesk’s sample pool a limited one, since they have representation in over 100 countries worldwide, including major markets like the U.S. and China.
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