AppLoop iPhone App Generator (Now Anyone Can Be A Developer!)

I’ve wanted really badly to develop an iPhone application since the SDK was announced. What kind of application? It doesn’t matter. Something not too ugly that does something of limited utility, and does it well. I ran into two problems: First, I have no development or coding experience (I stumble through basic HTML). Second, I never actually downloaded the SDK, out of laziness.
AppLoop, a new venture by Eric Kerr and Ashwani Kumar, aims to help me and others like me create iPhone apps while leaving intact my ignorance and my tendency towards sloth. The web-based generator takes any RSS feed and converts it into a native iPhone application, complete with offline storage so it’s not just a glorified web app. They even handle submitting the app and updates to the app store, and provide analytics. Functionality beyond RSS is expected to be forthcoming in paid versions of the AppLoop.
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BayTSP Moving Into Research, Advertising

The Internet’s “copyright cop,” BayTSP is looking to take what it has learned from its policing the Internet and apply it to marketing research and advertising.

Hired by copyright holders to find illegal copies of content on the web, BayTSP gathers and generates an astounding amount of data. It has indexed nearly 87 million videos uploaded that have racked up over 260 billion video views. BayTSP knows data such as what content is being pirated, how often, how many people watched, and how much potential money was lost.

During a visit this week, the secretive company let me film just a peek of some of the data is collects 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But it’s become clear to BayTSP CEO Mark Ishikawa that the “real money” lies elsewhere, and can be found within these numbers.

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IKEA Assembles a Web Series

“Easy to Assemble” created by Illeana Douglas, will feature appearances by Jeff Goldblum, Ed Begley Jr. and Justine Bateman.

Clocking back in

Folks might have seen Barb’s comment yesterday, but I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that we’re home from the hospital. Actually, we got home on Tuesday afternoon, but we’re just now easing back into a normal schedule. I had hoped to be online for a bit yesterday, but there were so many loose ends to tie up that it just didn’t happen. As it is now, all of those hourly vital sign checks through the night have played sheer havoc with out sleep schedules, so we’re a little out of whack.

Aside from that, with some quiet rest and recovery Barb should be near 100% next week. Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers… challenging times like this truly bring out the best in this community!

Back in a day or two

Just a brief, personal note to pass along. I’ll likely be a little scarce around these parts for at least the next day or two. Barb, my fiancée, woke up early Thursday morning with a headache that brought her to tears. After a few days of trying to manage the pain unsuccessfully, we hit the E.R. of our local hospital yesterday afternoon. After a CAT scan and blood tests didn’t turn anything up, a lumbar puncture did. We’re working through viral meningitis and will likely be here in the hospital until Tuesday.If you can spare a warm thought for Barbara, I would appreciate it. Oh, before anyone thinks this is a totally off-topic post: I wrote this using the TypePad client in my iPhone. The hospital is pretty protective of their air-space and won’t let me fire up my EV-DO modem for the UMPC. Now it’s back to figuring put how to drink my WaWa coffee with this goofy surgical mask on. My most humble thanks in advance for your thoughts and understanding.

lonelygirl15 Spoiler Alert, Animated Buffy on NTV Station Today

No promises on how long it’ll stay up, but for all you Joss Whedon fans who are done memorizing Dr. Horrible, a teaser of the stalled Buffy the Vampire Slayer animated series has been leaked online. In the works for several years, this project is probably never going to happen — unless someone notices how well this pilot plays on the web…

And today, NewTeeVee Station provides the web community with a valuable public service. After all, everyone knows about lonelygirl15 — but how many people actually know what the show was all about? With the end of the series last Friday, the time felt right to sit down and discover the mysteries of this iconic program — in order to retell the entire story in exactly 300 words. Why was the titular lonelygirl so important to the powers that be? And what fate befell her friends? Find out here!

I’m leaving Twitter for FriendFeed and I’m taking the fish. Who’s coming with me?


Sorry for the lame "Jerry Maguire" reference (the "Flipper" speech), but the weekend is near and I tend to get goofy as we approach Friday night. I’m actually not leaving Twitter entirely, but I’m consciously migrating much more of my attention to FriendFeed and I wanted to briefly mention why for a few reasons. For one thing, I’m humbled, not to mention surprised, that over 700 folks are following me on Twitter. I don’t exactly understand how you do this… I keep looking back quickly every now and again, but never catch you following me. Nevertheless, Twitter says you’re there, so you must be. Unless Twitter is down… which is another one of the reasons I’m moving away from it.

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Big changes coming to Mobile Tech Manor!

Moving_dayThis is a heads up as there will soon be big changes coming to Mobile Tech Manor!  You might say it’s the biggest change of all as Mobile Tech Manor is actually moving to new digs in a week or so.  Yes, the family and I have decided to take on a new house and we’re quite understandably excited about it.  It is bigger and better and more suited to our needs so we jumped at the unexpected opportunity to jump ships.  The new Mobile Tech Manor will be better suited for all the blogging and gadget testing that I do and it will only mean better things to come for you readers.  There will likely be a few days during the move that finds me in between locations but that’s what EVDO is for.  Wish us luck with the big change.  🙂

Six-figures to minimum wage: a year later

With this tweet a year ago today, I left behind my 15-year, corporate Information Technology career. I also left a chunky paycheck, hence the pithy post title, but I seriously wouldn’t change a thing. This year has been one of the most enjoyable in my working life. This has been an interesting “leap of faith”. Many of you expressed support and well wishes when I finally came out of the closet and announced myself as a full-time blogger. For that kindness and the many supportive remarks over the past year, I sincerely thank you.There’s also no way I could have taken this path without Barb’s support. She helped me devise a two-year plan so I could make this attempt and she’s shouldering more of our financial burden as I find my way. When we both had steady paychecks, we split the home expenses 50-50, but it’s been more like 70-30 this past year. I’ve operated in the red each and every month, but slowly and surely the amount of red is decreasing. Since so many people have asked me privately, I should point out that I funded this attempt on my own. In essence, I “bet on myself”, by taking some funds from retirement and channeling them into my business account. If it doesn’t pan out, I have other retirement vehicles and of course, it will be back to the job pool. I’m hoping of course, that doesn’t happen.Thanks again to all of you, because without the readers and the conversation here, I wouldn’t have a personal anniversary to celebrate today. As I’ve said to a number of folks via e-mail: without the readers, my writing has no purpose; it’s just a bunch of words at that point. My sincere gratitude goes out to you all! Thanks too to James for allowing me to participate with him on a topic that we’re very passionate about.Aside from the humbling feeling knowing that I get to be a small part of so many people’s lives, I hope you can find some strength, hope and resolve to take risks in your own life. Don’t wait around and let life happen to you: go live it!

Programming note

I spent my morning working in Starbucks, but have been off the clock all day after that. Unfortunately, my father was let go from his state employment position and I’ve attempted some damage control with him at his home. Luckily, he’s just nine miles away. I normally try to find worthwhile mobile tech items to write about all day long as this is my full-time vocation. Guess that makes you folks my bosses? Oy!Regardless, I’m glad I had my UMPC and EV-DO card with me as my father doesn’t have Internet service in his home. We actually just moved him to the house in February, where he lives alone. I’d been harping on him to get some web service, but it didn’t happen. Since he has no access to his work e-mail, which was his only e-mail address, we were able to quickly set him up with a Gmail account. Thanks to some phone calls and networking, his first e-mail is already in with a potential job opportunity. If you’re a person of prayer and can spare one for him, I’d personally appreciate it. In any case, he’s working on the list of “to-do’s” that we came up with and I’m back on the clock. I’ll make up the time to you, so please don’t dock my vacation time, ‘k? Thanks. 🙂