Modu T Sets Record for Lightest Touch Phone

Smartphone maker Modu has won the Guinness World Record for producing the lightest touch phone. The Modu T is a tiny phone that is the core of the company’s modular system. Modu phones slip into “jackets” that allow the phone to serve different purposes.

Nokia Ovi Store Gets 2.3 M Downloads Daily

When thoughts turn toward the big app stores in the U.S., Apple’s store and the Android Market come to mind. Nokia needs to be included in that list, as the Ovi Store is currently seeing 2.3 million downloads per day. That’s big by anybody’s standards.

3 Features To Expect In the New HSPA+ T-Mobile G2

T-Mobile continues to tease us with the first handset that can take full advantage of the carrier’s 21 Mbps mobile broadband network, today introducing the G2 handset. Although no official details of the G2 are available, these three features are likely part of the HSPA+ handset.

Trill Brings Twitter to the Nokia Platform

Trill, a full-featured Twitter app for the Symbian platform, is now available for free in the Ovi Store. Trill is a rich app from Spice Labs for phones lacking a touch interface. It brings all of the fun of Twitter to the palm of your hand.

Android Owners Love Free Apps

Consumers love free apps, but none as much as those toting Android phones, according to new data from Distimo. Approximately 25 percent of apps downloaded were free apps across all smartphone platforms with the exception of Android — as 57 percent of those apps were free.

LG Opens App Store for Feature Phones and Smartphones

LG is not sitting on the sidelines and watching all the app stores whiz by. The company has opened an app store aimed at crossing the divide separating the lowly feature phone from the smartphone. The store opened with 3,000 applications on the shelves.

Kobo Reader App for Android Now Available

Kobo has set out to be a major player in the e-book world, with an electronic reader, apps for major platforms and deals with major booksellers. Today Kobo has launched the reader app for Android, making Kobo content available on more platforms than the competition.

Verizon Readies Droid X for Launch

Motorola and Verizon are basking in the popularity of the original Droid, although they wish they could build them faster. Recent phones in the Droid line have been produced by HTC; it’s a return to the Motorola roots with the Droid X to be announced shortly.

jkOnTheRun Video: Swype on the HTC EVO 4G

Swype is an alternative keyboard for the Android platform that with just a little practice can be the fastest keyboard on the small screen. Text is entered by “spelling” words by swiping the letters on the keyboard. It is fast as seen in this video.

Droid Kicking Android Butt; EVO Catching Nexus One

Android is like that runaway mine car in the Indiana Jones movie — it’s gathering speed so fast it’s unstoppable. Keeping an eye on published numbers about the share of Android in the smartphone space is always enlightening, but some new numbers are quite telling.