XPERIA Line Gets New Member, Android 2.1 This Year

Sony Ericsson is not sitting back on its XPERIA phone line and watching the Android parade go by. The firm unleashed a new member of the line, the X8, and promises upgrades to Android 2.1 for all XPERIA X10 phones this year. Android keeps rolling on.

Is the Web in the Way of Your iPhone 4 Pre-Order?

Apple iPhone 4 pre-orders begin today, but just like the last three years running, the experience is negative for many. AT&T is struggling to handle the demand, causing a Twitter backlash as customers commiserate with their social networking friends. How is the pre-order process for you?

Sprint Readies Samsung Galaxy S Pro: 4G and Keyboard

Sprint will release a second phone on its 4G network later this year. The Samsung Galaxy S Pro is an update to an earlier model with some welcome additions: a QWERTY keyboard, super AMOLED screen and 4G connectivity. There’s a front camera for video chatting, too.

Video Chatting on the HTC EVO 4G

The HTC EVO 4G has two video chat options to take advantage of the second camera on the front of the phone. Laptop Magazine and I were wondering how well each client works, and we set out to do a comparison of Fring and Qik.

Will webOS Developers Play with HP?

The webOS platform has lagged behind Android and others due to the lack of available apps. Palm has been working hard with app developers to get them producing apps for the platform, but a big question looms — what will happen after the merger?

Merger Malaise: Will Palm Phones Get Updates?

Palm Pre and Pixi owners may be wondering about future updates to the webOS platform, given the looming takeover of Palm by HP. The “merger” won’t take place for a few months but it’s reasonable to wonder if existing Palm customers will receive phone updates.

How To Stretch Battery Life on the HTC EVO 4G

Some reviewers are reporting the HTC EVO’s battery only lasts a few hours, while others (myself included) find it lasts as long as any other phone. A few simple steps can tune Android 2.x to give good battery life on any Android phone.

jkOnTheRun Review: HTC EVO 4G Superphone

Sprint is no doubt ecstatic over setting sales records with the Sprint EVO 4G late last week. The latest Android phone to hit the market, the EVO 4G is chock-full of features to appeal to any power user. Here’s my complete review.

iPhone 4 and Sprint EVO 4G, Head-to-Head

The iPhone 4 has been officially outed, its specs shared. Having just purchased the Sprint EVO 4G, however, I am happier about my purchase than before the latest device from Apple was announced. Here’s how the two phones stack up against one another.

Sprint EVO 4G Update: Syncing and Battery Drain

It was a fun weekend playing with the new Sprint EVO 4G I bought on Friday. Some users have reported excessive battery usage, and I ran into that at one point. Here’s what I though caused it and how I fixed it rather simply.