The iPad Works, Thanks to These Apps

If you happened to venture over to our sister site TheAppleBlog recently, you might have seen my list of iPad applications that changed my mind about the future of the device. Well, I’ve also had a similar epiphany about using the iPad as a mobile workstation.

The Early Edition: Early Bird Gets the Worm?

The iPad just recently launched internationally, which means I only got my hands on one last Friday. As you can probably imagine, I’ve already basically doubled the cost of the device in app purchases, but I’ve already noticed a surprising dearth of quality RSS reader applications.

Patapage: A Social HUD for Your Website

Some of the more interactive elements of web design can be quite tricky to set up. Patapage is a new service that takes the sting out of adding interactive web elements to your site, and it can also upgrade your existing web design seamlessly.

Office 2010: Productivity, Productivity, Productivity

If Steve Ballmer had been presenting Office 2010 today, he might have riffed on his old “developers, developers, developers” line with a quip about “productivity, productivity, productivity.” That’s the focus of the new version of Microsoft’s flagship suite of office tools, now available to business customers.

Award-winning Pink Might Make You Blush

Pink is one of those series that, frankly, I should have reviewed a long time ago. The adventure/drama focuses on Natalie Cross (Natalie Raitano), who kills people for a living — and is very good at it. But Natalie is haunted by her biological clock, memories of her tough-as-nails father and some occasional qualms about her chosen career path.
Created in 2007 by Blake Calhoun and Mike Maden, the show’s enjoyed a remarkable amount of success, with three seasons finding distribution across all platforms, including, most recently, Hulu (s NWS) (s GE). In addition, Calhoun beat out a talented group of experienced web series directors to win the Best Directing in a Drama award at the 2009 Streamys.
So it’s popular — let’s talk about whether or not it’s good. Sitting down with the show again for the first time since it premiered, I remained impressed by its high-quality production value. The only exception being some of the larger-scale action scenes (such as Natalie shooting at an off-screen helicopter at the end of Season 1), which felt a little awkward in execution. Read More about Award-winning Pink Might Make You Blush

The Reality of A YouTube Front Page Feature

UPDATED: So we were on the front page of YouTube (s GOOG) on Saturday! That was pretty fun, though a bit surprising to the ten web series creators we featured, whose inboxes that morning were quickly flooded with subscription notifications and comments.

But what does being featured on the front page of YouTube mean for a previously unknown show, in an organically generated list instead of a sponsored slot? After an hour or so on Saturday of watching the viewcounts climb on our own video, I reached out to a few of the folks we featured to find out what their results were.
And the answer is: If you’re devoted to viewcounts, then being featured on the front page of YouTube is AWESOME. Just some of the reporting I got back:
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The Quest for the Perfect Flash Drive

In techno-tourism terms, I’m fairly well-traveled. Mostly because I’ve visited the mecca of gadgetry, Japan, but I’ve also stopped at quite a few other places as well. During those travels, I’m on the look out for one thing in particular: Flash drives.

6 Killer Extensions for Google Chrome

On the heels of delivery of Mac and Linux beta versions of the open-source Chrome browser, Google is out with its Chrome Extensions Gallery. Here are six of them that can help you get much more out of Chrome.