John Hofmeister: We’re Going About Energy Policy “Planlessly”

John Hofmeister, the former President of Shell Oil, isn’t one to mince words. He thinks the U.S. is going about energy policy “planlessly,” due to its short political cycles, and he called the stimulus package’s funding for green technology “a frittering number.”

Oil Prices Rising to $100, Boost for Greentech?

Oil prices have headed back up to close to $100 a barrel. Will the demand for cleantech products — like electric, hybrid and biofuel cars — get a boost? And will high oil prices stimulate cleantech investing?

Why 7B People in the World Is a Greentech Opportunity

This year, the world will hit 7 billion persons; by 2045 it will reach 9 billion. At that rate, we’ll reach a global population density of a little more than half of that of France. It’s not an explosion; it’s about resource management.

OPINION: Why Wikileaks Is an Opportunity for Cleantech

Wikileaks has given the cleantech world ammunition to show how our sector offers a solution to the extremely unstable world problems, and national security issues. We are bankrolling the same enemies we proclaim to be fighting in the battle against fundamentalist Islamic terror groups.

Top 10 Greentech Influencers of 2010

Since influencers are what makes the greentech industry world go round, we thought we’d bring you the 10 individuals that we think had the biggest effect on the greentech sector this year. From corporate bigwigs to policy wonks, these are the people changing the sector.

Why We Need Energy Literacy

We’re all going to need to become a lot more energy literate if we’re going to fight climate change. Now the DOE has started working on a collaborative Energy Literacy document that will help guide energy education in schools, as well as federal policy and funding.

Next Up for Schwarzenegger: Tackling Federal Energy Policy?

Will California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger be the next Obama Administration energy policy official? It’s just one idea that Schwarzenegger, who will step down from the governor role in a couple weeks, kicked around in an interview with the L.A. Times on Friday.

Holiday Greentech Gift Alert: Steven Chu Tee!

O.K., so there’s been a whole lotta funding news today. Here’s something a bit lighter. This weekend at a holiday gift fair in San Francisco I bought an awesome t-shirt featuring rockstar Department of Energy’s Chief Steven. Actually I bought like three of them.

DOE Chief on Benefits of Cool Roofs [video]

Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu shows off the DOE’s new cool roof and explains the benefits of ditching a dark roof and opting for a cooler (lighter one).