Poll: Does Your iPhone 4 Have Reception Issues?

Some iPhone 4 handsets appear to be suffering from signal degradation — but only when held in the left hand. Could Apple’s new stainless steel frame that doubles as an antenna be the culprit? Take our poll and let us know if you’ve seen this issue.

Poll: Do You Like Google’s New Background Images?

They say you should never mess with a good thing, yet that’s exactly what Google appears to have done by adding background images to its default search page. Reactions around the web appear inflammatory, but we’re looking for your thoughts on the change in this poll.

What Do You Want to Read on the iPad?

With the launch of the Apple iPad just days away, magazine and newspaper companies are putting the finishing touches on their apps for the tablet, hoping to lure both new and existing readers. What magazine and news apps are you are looking forward to the most?

Will Google Debut the Nexus One for Verizon Tomorrow?

Are you smarting from a huge NCAA tournament upset that rattled your bracket? How about a far easier pick — will Google launch the Nexus One for Verizon Wireless tomorrow? Odds are pretty based on tomorrows CTIA tip-off.

How Much 3G Data Is Your Smartphone Using?

I was shocked by my smartphone bill when I saw how little 3G data I used in the last billing cycle. Clearly Wi-Fi is the reason, but I’m experimenting by going 3G only on my smartphone. How much 3G are you using?

Apple iPad Poll — Are You Buying It?

That mystical unicorn we knew as the Apple (s aapl) tablet is here. But will you be purchasing an Apple iPad? After reviewing all of the specifications and pricing, I’m personally not sure it’s right for me at this point. In fact, I’m thinking this is more of a smartbook than anything else. 😉 Perhaps I’ll change my mind after giving it some thought — and there’s plenty of time for that since the device won’t be shipping for at least 60 days.

That gives us a chance to pick your brains and see if you’re planning to purchase an iPad. Have at it in the poll! And if you’re not yet sure, just see what everyone else is saying in these comments — there’s quite a few interesting opinions there!

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Poll: Will New Travel Restrictions Impact Your Plans?

A failed terrorism attempt on an international flight has resulted in new restrictions on airline travel, such as requiring people to remain in their seats for the last hour of flight without personal items on their laps. How is this going to impact you?

Droid Tethering Plan Coming — Will You Use It?

Droid 2.0Verizon (s vz) really does want to differentiate itself from the pack, doesn’t it? Aside from getting sued for allegedly comparing its 3G network coverage and allowing free GPS navigation on a smartphone, it’s treading where Sprint (s s) has decided not to walk — smartphone tethering. The Motorola (s mot) Droid will indeed support Internet tethering, Sascha Segan at Gearlog reports, allowing customers to use their Android handset as a 3G modem. Sascha expects this to be a $15 monthly fee, which sounds about right based on Verizon’s current offerings. The Broadband Access Connect plan should hit the Droid in early 2010.
About four years ago, I used a phone as a wireless broadband modem all day long. It worked perfectly well over USB or over Bluetooth. But I was in a relatively fixed location, and I had access to an electrical outlet for my computer, which in turn charged my phone over USB. These days, the only times my mobile devices see outlets is overnight, so I’m not so sure I’d rely on phone tethering for all of my 3G needs. For occasional use it would work just fine for me. And I do have Internet tethering on my iPhone as a backup, which really saved the day once before. I’m curious — would you consider using the Droid or another tethered phone for a primary 3G connection?
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Poll: Does Your Smartphone Need a Keyboard?

On the current MobileTechRoundup podcast Kevin, Matt and I discussed the physical keyboard, or lack thereof, on Android phones. We pointed out that keyboards (or the desired lack of one) are a personal choice, and everyone has a different opinion. So how about it? Does a smartphone need a hardware keyboard before you’ll consider adding it to your belt holster? Or maybe your smartphone better not have one at all? Take a moment to answer today’s poll — it will be interesting to see what everyone thinks.

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What OS is on Your Netbook?

nokia netbookIt’s no secret that my netbooks have all had MOSPD, or what I call Multiple Operating System Personality Disorder. From the very first netbook, my ASUS Eee PC 701, to my current Toshiba NB205, all of my devices have changed operating systems at various times. Making matters worse is that some were dual-booting — that’s the current setup for my Toshiba: Windows XP on one partition and the final, release version of Windows 7 on another. Then there was the Mac OS X “hackint0sh” experiment, various Ubuntu builds, some Moblin betas, Linpus Lite… you name it, the list goes on.
The point is, netbooks are great little machines for experimenting with operating systems. Sure, you can use any machine for these activities, but the devices — and their prices —  are relatively trivial by comparison and that can lend a more reckless experimental attitude when it comes to operating systems. At least, for me it does.
Matthew Dillon has a nice summary of netbook operating system choices today at Gotta Be Mobile and after reading it, I got to wondering what you folks are running on your netbooks. Our polls don’t allow for multiple choices, so if you have a multi-boot system, choose the OS that you use the most. And if you have multiple netbooks, base your response on your primary netbook. These days, I’m using Windows 7 far more than XP on my device. Even more now that the gigantic trackpad has proper drivers! 🙂 For the poll, it’s not possible to list out oodles of Linux distros, so I’m lumping them all together for now — don’t hesitate to be specific with your distro in a comment. Perhaps we’ll chat about which distro is best suited for mobile devices in the future!
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