Zune Gaming?

In a move that surprises absolutely no one, XBox European chief, Chris Lewis, has let slip that they’re considering releasing game content for the Zune. The Zune is Microsoft’s new multimedia device, launched last month, that is designed to compete with Apple’s iPod. Using this new handheld, you can connect to your XBox 360 to stream music, video and pictures, or connect to other Zune users to sample music … and now, maybe, play games. Read More about Zune Gaming?

Konami Offers Free Demos of Classic Games

The line between handheld game consoles and mobile phones just keeps getting blurrier and blurrier. According to this Games Industry report, Konami has announced that they’re going to make several of their classic games available as demos on their new mobile portal. These demos are available to help consumers choose which product they want to purchase and play. Read More about Konami Offers Free Demos of Classic Games

Nintendo Exchanges Broken Wii Straps, DS Power Supplies

On Friday, Nintendo started a drive to replace broken and faulty wrist straps for their new console, the Wii. This replacement plan was prompted by multiple reports of damaged home equipment and personal injuries caused by over-exuberant players. The manufacturing fault in the straps has caused them to break and make the controllers fly out of players’ hands and into the faces of family and friends… if they’re lucky. Otherwise, the “Wiimote” has been known to damage expensive home theater equipment and other household items. Read More about Nintendo Exchanges Broken Wii Straps, DS Power Supplies