3 Goal-setting Tips That Don’t Work (And 3 That Do)

We should be more attentive in setting our goals, determining what works in practice, and what only seems effective in theory. By looking at our goal-setting behavior together with the goals themselves, we’ll be more likely to accomplish more this year.

How Will the Move to the Cloud Impact Remote Productivity?

More our activities are making their way to the cloud, but what effect will that have on productivity? To anticipate the impact of a cloud-based remote workforce, look at the last time there was a revolution in the way workers connected: the rise of the Internet.

Moving to Mac: Window Management Tips

In my 6 month check-in documenting my move to Mac, I mentioned some of the general usability issues that I was still experiencing. My last post garnered a lot of comments in response, with some great tips from readers I thought I would share with you.

Can Remote Workers Excel On-Site?

I’ve been working on site one day a week, and I’ve noticed something that differentiates the way I operate compared to my “in-office” colleagues: I see my time differently than they do. And, to be honest, I think it makes me more productive than they are.

Start Now to Reduce Holiday Stress

We’re right in the middle of the holiday season, when the stress starts to accumulate until it reaches a breaking point. Start taking steps today to make some positive changes that will help you manage our stress over the next two or three weeks.

The New World of Enterprise Collaboration

The convergence of cloud computing, more empowered employees and on-demand infrastructure is driving adoption of technologies — from workspaces like Box.net, Huddle and Cetnral Desktop to customer-powered support communities like Get Satisfaction — that foster high-impact collaboration and with that, innovation.

Corkboard: A Visual Clipboard Manager

My favorite Mac clipboard management tool is Jumpcut, an open-source app that makes it easy to rapidly select previously copied items via the keyboard, but if you prefer a more visual, drag ‘n’ drop approach, you should check out Ayluro’s Corkboard.

Is Smartphone Productivity a Myth?

I’ve been using a smartphone for around four years now, and I have a confession to make: I’m fairly sure that during that time, my cellphone usage has, if anything, become far less productive. But with apps, email and Internet access, how could that possibly be?

Working On What Counts

As things get busier and busier, it’s important to work on what counts within your business. If we’re smart, we do this early on, even before things get busy, but if you’re like me, you prefer learning things the hard way.

Where to Invest for the Biggest Productivity Gains

Looking to plan your budget for next year? Deciding where to spend is a tricky decision. If you’re a remote worker, or managing a remote team, then it could be even harder. What kind of investment will pay back the most in terms of productivity?