Verismo Helps Pay TV Providers to Cross Borders

Don’t like your local cable company? Then why don’t you get pay TV straight from Mexico, India or the Middle East? That’s the idea behind Verismo, a company that is announcing the launch of a new triple-play platform targeted towards virtual MSOs later today.

FCC Live-Tweets NLCS Matchup for Cablevision Subs

Today, when the Giants faced off against the Phillies in Game 3 of the NLCS, the official Twitter account for the Federal Communciations Commission provided several updates on the game for Cablevision subscribers unable to watch the game because of an ongoing dispute with Fox. SERIOUSLY.

Fox Cuts off Hulu: Good and Bad for Cable Subscribers

The fight over how much Cablevision will pay Fox in retransmission fees escalated to a new level this morning as Fox had denied Cablevision’s broadband customers access to Hulu and other Fox-affiliated online content. The move shows how online video has grown in importance. Going HTML5, With Advertising is joining the HTML5 party, and it’s doing it with a brand new player, due to launch in the next couple of days. The new player supports advertising, maintains Blip’s previous look and feel, and will be about five times faster than the Flash player.

The GE Show Shows Off GE’s Environmental Commitment

If you’re a hardcore cleantech enthusiast, then you’re familiar with GE’s commitment to environmentally-friendly innovation. While the newest episode of The GE Show seems a little bit like an effort to show off that commitment, it does utilize a surprising amount of engaging interactivity.

Pressured by Rights Holders, Ivi Sues Them All

Now this didn’t take long: Seattle-based online TV start-up Ivi has received more that ten cease and desist letters from major broadcasters like CBS and ABC for its online TV service. The company responded to these demands with a copyright lawsuit of its own today.

The Lessons YouTubers Teach Us

Recent coverage of popular and successful YouTube creators making a profit off their content has lead to a backlash regarding the quality of what’s being created. But dismissing YouTubers means dismissing their genius at audience engagement, doing all of web video a disservice.

Emmys 2010 Review: The Two-Screen Experience

With social media shown to improve ratings for awards shows and tech-savvy Jimmy Fallon hosting, it’s little surprise that last night’s Emmy Awards had enough going on to warrant two-screen viewing. But did seven different live-streamed angles on the backstage action improve the show?