0Views Seeks Out YouTube’s Most Unwatched

For most YouTubers, the almighty viewcount reigns supreme — if your video doesn’t break five figures, it doesn’t matter how good it is. It’s an interesting yet at times exhausting attitude — which is possibly why the 0Views blog is so refreshing an experience.

Netflix on iPhone: You’re Gonna Like It

Netflix today released its iPhone/iPod touch app that allows subscribers of its video streaming service to get video on their iPhones and iPod touches. Netflix is on a path of diversification away from DVD by emails, as it is betting that streaming is the future.

Video: Hulu Plus on the PS3 Walkthrough and Review

The Sony PlayStation3 didn’t offer any real advantages over other gaming devices or set-top boxes until it got dibs on Hulu Plus, making the PS3 the first console able to stream Hulu to the TV. But what’s the user experience actually like?

Jimmy Fallon, Star Wars, Old Spice Win Creative Arts Emmy Awards

At last night’s Creative Arts ceremony for the 2010 Emmys, the Jimmy Fallon digital experience and the independently-produced Star Wars Uncut won awards for their interactivity. Neil Patrick Harris and The Man Your Man Could Smell Like also took home shiny gold statues.

What to Watch This Weekend: V Festival, USA vs. Lithuania, Make Money on YouTube

Civicus World Assembly; representatives from 94 countries talking about ways to deal with issues like climate change and poverty. (Livestream, Saturday, 5.15 AM – 2 PM PT & Sunday 5.30 AM – 7 PM PT)

V Festival; the U.K.’s largest live music festival will stream part of its program live online, and we’re told to expect performances by the Stereophonics, Paul Weller, The Coral, Kings of Leon, Madness, The Prodigy and the Pet Shop Boys. (Vfestival.com, Saturday 6 AM PT & Sunday 6 AM PT)

Nevada City Film Festival; a whole weekend of workshops, panels and comedy. (Livestream, Sat, 12 PM – 1 AM PT & Sun 2-9 PM PT)

2010 FIBA World Championship; tune in as the U.S. basketball team faces off against … Lithuania? (ESPN3, Saturday 12 PM PT)

How to make money on YouTube; Tim street interviews George Strompolos, who is responsible for strategic partner development at YouTube. Watch and learn, but keep your day job. (1TimStreet.com)

MTV Uses Eventful So Audiences Can Demand Savage County

The success of last fall’s Paranormal Activity guaranteed that another horror project would try using Eventful’s Demand It to bring in audiences. The twist with the MTV-produced Savage County is that while it was originally a web series, fans may get it on TV.

Hey, Dr. Horrible Fans, Jed Whedon’s New Album is Out

Dr. Horrible collaborator Jed Whedon, in between writing for television and helping Felicia Day make music videos, has kept busy with his own projects. And his new self-published album, entitled History of Forgotten Things, represents a sincere effort to create compelling original music.