In 2011, Stop Putting Off Your Dreams

Some of us make attempts to accomplish a few life and business goals. But how many people do you know who put everything on the line to pursue their deepest, most life-changing dreams? How many don’t wait until “someday” to go after the things they want?

Oct. 19: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

It’s a good time to be a Java developer, as illustrated by VMware’s cloud-based development environment and Azul’s elastic Java runtime and management software. Also, it’s good to be CSC: Huge customers are signing up for cloud collaboration software, and CSC always seems to be involved.

What Comes Next in the Red-Hot Analytics Market?

The action in the data warehouse/analytic database space has been hot and heavy over the past couple weeks, with new funding, acquisitions and partnerships announced seemingly every day, and this trend is unlikely to slow. I predict a few more acquisitions coming down the pike.

WWD Weekend Reading List

Here are some interesting posts from around the ‘Net to catch up with over the weekend:

What are you reading this weekend?

Eventware: A Roundup of Software for Event Planning

Services such as Yahoo’s Upcoming and Meetup and Facebook’s Events have led to an explosion of event invitations in our various inboxes. That first generation of tools is looking a little creaky to today’s event planners, so here’s a roundup of the current generation of “eventware.”

Talk to Your Customers With Bearhug

Enter Bearhug, a new “customer engagement platform” that provides businesses with something better than a basic support ticket customer feedback system; an app that enables them to hear what customers are experiencing and saying and actually do something about it.

WWD Weekend Reading List

Here are some interesting posts from around the ‘Net to catch up with over the weekend:?

What are you reading this weekend?

4 Ways Not to Be a Doormat

When running a business, it can sometimes be hard to draw the line between being of service and being taken advantage of by customers, clients and other professionals. Here are a few ways to reinforce that line.