Google Books for Android — a Review

Google opened its e-book store today and released a reader app for Android today. Google Books is a no-frills app as is common with Google’s first efforts, but it handles the basic tasks well. A cool feature lets you read books from the original scanned page.

iPad Stands Alone With Vario by Zerochroma

The special person in your life may already have an iPad, so if you’re wondering what to give this holiday season, you should consider the Vario stand. It clips onto the back of the iPad, becoming a stand that holds it in almost any position.

Droid Pro — Bridging the Android/BlackBerry Gap

Motorola has been enjoying the popularity of its Android product line, and the Droid Pro looks to take it to the enterprise worker. It starts with the Android 2.2, and adds a touch screen coupled with a keyboard that could have come from the BlackBerry folks.

BlackBerry Style Review: RIM Goes Retro

Smartphones with big touch screens are popular, but RIM has gone old-school with the BlackBerry Style. The Style is a modern adaptation of the flip phone, and given RIM’s attention to detail and the new BlackBerry 6 operating system the handset works the form surprisingly well.

Track Your iPhone’s Data Usage With DataMan

The days of AT&T’s all you can eat data plans are dead and gone. Now, your options for data on the iPhone are 200MB or 2GB of data per month. Regardless of which plan you’re on, keeping track of usage is useful. Enter DataMan.

Hard Copy Pro — Instapaper App for Android

The only thing I don’t like about Instapaper is the lack of a native Android app for my phone, as often that’s the device at hand when I have time to catch up on some reading. That’s where Hard Copy Pro comes to my rescue.

ResToggle — Enable Your Android Phone’s Hi-Res Mode

Android phone owners who have taken the step to root their phone can do things not possible otherwise. ResToggle is an app for rooted Android phones running Froyo (Android 2.2) that provides the ability to change the display to higher resolutions than originally supported.

Cutting the Cord With Sprint TV [on Video]

As our new Cord Cutters feature makes clear, many folks are trying to ditch expensive paid TV in favor of alternatives that give users more control over what they watch. Sprint smartphone owners have the free Sprint TV service, as shown in this video.

Evernote 2.0 for Android: Notes Leave the Cloud

The folks at Evernote have rolled out version 2.0 of the Android mobile client, a major update that lets premium users keep notebooks on the phone for access without network connectivity. Premium account holders can now download notebooks to the phone for access without the web.

Lookator: Android Hotspot Detector Using AR

Augmented reality is one of those technologies that has always appealed to me, but without a practical application I can use. That changed since installing Lookator for Android, a Wi-Fi hotspot detector that uses AR to show the location of the hotspots in the real world.