Review: New Twitter for Android

Twitter is perfect for the mobile platform, as it lends itself well to quick sessions on the go. A new version of the official Twitter app for Android was recently released, and we’ve been tweeting with it ever since. It has some welcome new features.

Itching Thumb for Android: WebOS Look-Alike

HP’s webOS with its revolving task manager is just plain cool. Interacting with the cards that represent running apps is intuitive and fun; it’s too bad other platforms don’t use a similar method to work with tasks. Android phone owners have one available, and it’s free.

Hellotxt for Android: A Mini-Review

Hellotxt is a way to keep track of and interact with a boatload of social networks in one place. The hellotxt Android app launched today, and since I’ve been using it for a while thanks to the folks at hellotxt, I can share my thoughts.

Taking the EVO 4G to the Powermat on Video

Charging gadgets without wires has been a dream for a long time, and it is finally becoming reality with the Powermat Wireless Charging System. The small charging mat couples with a special charging back on the EVO 4G in the video to charge the battery wirelessly.

Review: Pocket Informant for Android

Smartphones are the perfect tool to use for both keeping on top of schedules and tracking things that must get done on time. Pocket Informant for Android is available in a public beta, and from a first look it might be the best PIM app.

Snap Screen Images With ShootMe for Android

Capturing a screen image on a smartphone may not be something needed all the time, but it’s a handy capability when you want to share the screen. The free ShootMe app is a utility that snaps the screen with a simple shake of the phone.

Firefox for Android Beta Hands-on Review

The first beta version of mobile Firefox for Android has been released and is now available in the Android Market. We have taken it for a test drive and while it shows good potential, it may be solving a problem that doesn’t exist on Android.

Video: gReader Pro for Android

I spend a lot of time checking RSS feeds for news that affects my work. I follow thousands of websites through the feeds, and those generate many thousands of posts that need my attention. My Android app of choice to do this is gReader Pro.

Invest From Your iPad With Kapitall

You can do many things with your iPad, and investing is now added to that list with the release of Kapitall. The iPad app is a portal into the Kapitall website, a simple site designed to build and track investment portfolios online.

Video: How To Customize Your Android Phone

A big draw to the Android phone is the ability to customize virtually everything on the phone to make it work the way you want. This customization reaches deep into the interface; here are 5 of them that are readily available in the Android Market.