The Man Bag reviewed- it’s not a purse!

Man_bag_frontA lot of you are familiar with my quest for the perfect gadget bag. Well to tell you the truth I’d settle for a bag that will carry all my stuff and passes my wife’s “manly” test. You know, a bag that she won’t laugh at and call my man purse. So, when I had the opportunity to review a bag called appropriately The Man Bag, I jumped. After all, if the slogan is “if it’s not a Man Bag it’s a purse!” it must pass my wife’s manly test, right?The Man Bag is manufactured and sold on the Man Bag website. Actually the official name is the Man-n-Bag but they are known throughout as simply the Man Bag so that’s what I call it. They offer several bags of different sizes but the one that interested me most was the smallest- the Axible. Strange name but, well, manly.To access photos of the bag in action go here.
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A typical day with the Sony U-70

u70_pics_024A while back I outlined a typical work day for me and demonstrated how the Toshiba e-805 allowed me to be more productive given my mobile lifestyle. The VGA screen resolution on the Toshiba allowed me to leave my big laptop at home and use the e-805 exclusively during the day. This combination of the e-805 with a wireless keyboard goes a good 90% towards leaving the laptop at home all the time. As many of you are aware I recently got my hands on a Sony U-70 ultra-portable computer (UPC) that I’ve converted to a true Tablet PC. I’ve been using the U-70 for a month now and felt it was time for me to share with you how the U is being used in my typical work day and let you see if you think it stacks up.
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Victorinox mini-backpack- perfect gadget bag

u70_pics_022Like all mobile techno-geeks I’m always looking for the right bag to carry my gadgets while stumbling out in the streets. When I first got the Sony U-70 I was using a JanSport field bag that I picked up years ago in a Discovery Channel store in the mall. Not very chic, and didn’t hold very much, but it worked OK. My wife calls it my “man purse” and generally made fun of it so I had my eye out for a replacement that would work better and carry all my stuff. I found a good solution for me at a Bag N Baggage store in the local mall. I’ve always liked Victorinox stuff as it’s usually very well made and rugged. They’re the Swiss Army Knife people, if you’re wondering why that name is familiar.To view photos of the bag in action go here.
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Sony U-70 review- is that a PC in your pocket?

u70_021Japan has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile devices, especially computers. Importers such as Dynamism, Kurns & Patrick, iCube, and Kemplar have stepped into the void for these innovative devices that US consumers crave. While Japan has been producing very small laptops for a few years a lot of interest has been sweeping the internet recently about ultra-portable computers. Slightly bigger than a PDA but much smaller than even the smallest laptop, UPCs have been anxiously awaited by consumers. Devices like the OQO and FlipStart have been vaporware for years and yet they stay in the news and anxiously awaited by many prospective buyers. The manufacturers of both device are claiming they will be released late this year.It was into this climate of consumer clamor for ultra-portable devices that Sony entered and surprised everyone with their announcement of their U-50 & U-70 UPCs. Slightly larger than a PDA yet packing an entire Windows XP powered laptop smashed inside it’s small case, the two Sony UPCs were not only announced without prior information leaking but Sony has actually released the devices in Japan. The first units hit the market in Japan months before the other two UPCs mentioned above are expected to be released. Unfortunately, if you don’t happen to live in Japan then you’ll have to obtain one of these little PCs from an importer like the ones mentioned above.I have been using a U-70 for a few weeks now, and I have been totally impressed with the thoughtful design Sony has put into this computer in almost every way. So, can you use one of these UPCs in your everyday mobile lifestyle? Read on to see how it works for me.Photos and screenshots of the Sony U-70
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