VMware’s Cloudy Ambitions: Can It Repeat Hypervisor Success?

Anticipated new products should advance VMware’s already-aggressive strategy to transition its dominant virtualization market share position into a full-scale takeover of the cloud. But with formidable competition on its heels, whether or not VMware can capitalize on its large footprint remains to be seen.

The New World of Infrastructure Apps

Just ten years ago, deploying applications involved assembling the entire food chain down to the physical hardware. The process was lengthy, expensive, and complex. Product choices existed, but infrastructure deployment was a requirement. Today, one can use services consumed as applications. I call them infrastructure apps.

Marc Benioff Is Skimming the Cream From the Cloud

Salesforce.com reported a 25 percent increase in sales year over year during its second quarter results call yesterday, but its CEO Marc Benioff also shared a few numbers that explain why delivering software as a service and even platforms as a service makes sense.

A Cloud By Any Other Name Would Still be IT

Cloud computing as a term is misplaced, problematic and unhelpful. While I think the term cloud still has legs, I believe its days are numbered. When we’re all doing cloud, and there’s simply nothing else, the term will fade into our collective memories.

Startups Aim to Chip Away at the Microsoft Office Empire

It was only a few years ago that Microsoft was dismissing SaaS and remaining silent about cloud computing in general. Disruption at the software layer is showing why Microsoft has concentrated heavily on the Azure infrastructure and platform plays. So what’s happening at a software level?

How To Find a Customer in a Divided IT Universe

A rift has developed between the web and enterprise IT. Changes in the source of IT innovation and enterprise purchasing habits mean a business plan focused on selling to Google and Facebook is just as likely to fail as one aimed at JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs.