CA Continues Cloud-focused Buying Spree, Acquires Nimsoft

CA today announced that it is acquiring privately held Nimsoft, which makes performance and availability monitoring software, in an all cash transaction valued at $350 million. According to CA, Nimsoft will help it better serve “emerging enterprises” (read smaller businesses) adopting cloud computing solutions.

Windows Browser Ballot Screen Is Working — Up to a Point

Since early March, some European versions of Microsoft Windows have been delivered with a “browser ballot screen,” designed to give users a choice of 12 web browsers instead of forcing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on them. The ballot screen is working, but there are problems arising.

What Is Novell Worth? $2 Billion, Apparently

On Tuesday afternoon, Elliott Associates, L.P., a hedge fund with a significant position in shares of Novell, placed an unsolicited offer to buy the company for approximately $2 billion. The offer places a high valuation on Novell, and the troubled company must consider it carefully.

The Myth of the Benign Monopoly

For years, at various times, tech giants such as Microsoft, Google and Apple have all been referred to as “benign monopolies.” Companies usually earn that moniker when they take on a certain dominance. But it’s worth remembering that dominance also introduces trends that are not benign.

Could the Kindle and iPad Kill Quality Content?

Amazon delivered today a beta of its free Kindle for BlackBerry e-book app, which provides access to more than 420,000 books. It marks the latest example of how the publishing industry is facing seminal changes. Are we on the verge of the death of quality content?