So You Think You Can Dance Gets the Superfan Treatment

Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance has finally come online, with a new, interactive player that adds social and interactive features to the online viewing experience. The dance show will benefit from Fox’s investment in rolling out “Superfan” video players for its more popular shows.

Crunchies Tickets Go on Sale Today

The first batch of 150 tickets for the third annual Crunchies awards ceremony — scheduled to be held on Jan. 8, 2010, at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco — go on sale today starting at noon PST. 450 tickets will be released to the public.

Apple and Wal-Mart: Do Opposites Really Attract?


Wal-Mart (s wmt) wants to grab the slice of the electronics pie that Circuit City gave up when it became financially insolvent, and it’s redesigning its stores to put itself in a better position to do so. Approximately 3,500 stores will be getting electronics department-centric makeovers this week, according to AppleInsider. The redesigned spaces will also feature in-store brand-focused boutique areas, like those found at Best Buy (s bby), for Apple (s aapl) and Nintendo (s nto), among others.

Unlike Best Buy, however, Wal-Mart currently doesn’t offer any Apple hardware beyond the iPod and iPhone line. Barclays (s bcs) analyst Ben Reitzes thinks that’s about to change. He sees the move to a specialized electronics “store-within-a-store” model of doing business as a precursor to the introduction of an expanded line of Apple offerings from the giant U.S. retailer, which would include desktop and notebook computers. Read More about Apple and Wal-Mart: Do Opposites Really Attract?

How-To: Access Your Time Capsule Over the Internet

apple-time-capsule-1The other day my friend called me to tell me that he bought this new product called Pogoplug. The Pogoplug is pretty cool; you plug it into the wall, connect a hard drive to it, then connect it to your local Internet, and you have an NAS ready to go. I thought it was a pretty neat product idea, and the ease of use was great, but when he showed me that he could mount it over the Internet so that you could access your files over the Net, I knew I needed to have one — almost.

After a few minutes of of shopping, I had found a 2TB USB hard drive and had the Pogoplug in my cart, but then saw I was going to spend about three hundred bucks. I then started thinking that I already had a Time Capsule 1TB hard drive with all my media on it, and that there must be a way to mount my Time Capsule over the Internet just like the Pogoplug. Unfortunately, there is really no documentation on how to mount the Time Capsule over the Internet, but after a few minutes, I ended up figuring it out myself. I can now have my files wherever I am! Read More about How-To: Access Your Time Capsule Over the Internet

The GigaOM Weekly Recap

In case you missed some of these, here are 10 of our top stories for the week that was.
1. Why is Twitter so hot?
2. Online storage will boost bandwidth demand.
3. The ugly truth about broadband: the upload speeds.
4. How good is Blackberry’s answer to iTunes app store?
5. Why will upstage Digg.
6. Open Cloud Manifesto, Nothing But Vapor
7. In five years, GMail changed our email expectations.
8. AT&T decided net neutrality and wireless don’t get along.
9. Time Warner Cable expands metered broadband, protests start.
10. Skype for iPhone: Simply Awesome.

Vid-Biz: Sling, HBO Go, Discovery

New Sling Software Only Compatible with Newer Models; in order to use software like the iPhone app, owners of the older Slingbox models will have to upgrade. (CNET) Needless to say, some Sling owners are not happy.
Bewkes Unveils HBO Go; available to subscribers of the premium channel, will let people watch HBO programming through their cable provide web site. (Multichannel News)
Discovery CEO Doesn’t Want to Encourage Free Content; David Zaslav says a new model needs to be figured out that works for networks, operators and distributors. (paidContent) to Live-Stream Bridal Fashion Show; program starts Saturday, April 4 at 6 p.m. ET, streaming provided by Mogulus. (MediaWeek)
Southland Pilot Available Online; new cop show already streaming on Hulu and (TVWeek)

VUDU Offers HD Movies for Purchase On Demand

The beleaguered set-top box movie service VUDU announced today that it will now make HD movies available for purchase, and it claims it is the first such on-demand service to do so.

Right now, the pickin’s are quite slim for those interested — only 50 HD movies will be available for purchase, and you won’t be able to buy any blockbusters. Participating studios are FirstLook, Kino and Magnolia, offering titles including War, Inc., Transsiberian and the Oscar-winning Man on Wire. As films are added from these studios, they will be available for purchase day and date with the DVD release. Movies will cost between $13.99 and $23.99. Purchased films can be stored on a consumer’s box or in the VUDU Vault, a free online storage option for customers.

VUDU recently slashed the price of its set-top box down to $150, citing strong holiday sales and lower component costs. But cost reductions and the ability to purchase indie movies aren’t going to move the needle for VUDU. The industry is either adding services to existing devices (Netflix (s NFLX) on Blu-Ray and Xbox), providing a lower cost option (Amazon (s AMZN) and Netflix on the $99 Roku) or dumping the notion of a set-top box altogether (net-connected TVs).

Of Packages and File Compatibility: iWork ’08 and iWork ’09


I’ve seen a few articles lately on the file incompatibility between iWork ’08 and files saved in iWork ’09.

Macnn and other sites have discussed it. As usual, there are the silly comments regarding Apple (s aapl) not having tested this, it’s worthy of Microsoft (s msft), blah, blah, blah. Many comments tended to be more rational, though, pointing out that new versions of software frequently “convert” older files and then are not compatible with the older version. This isn’t really that unusual. 

I think Apple could have made this easier if they had explained in the tech note a primary reason for the incompatibility. It’s the old standard support line: It’s a feature, not a bug. Really. Read More about Of Packages and File Compatibility: iWork ’08 and iWork ’09