2010’s Most Popular Posts for Web Workers

In case you missed them, here are the top posts of 2010 from WebWorkerDaily. It’s clear that you like our compilations of tips, apps, and other tools, but you also appreciate practical discussions of ways to improve your ability to work effectively.

CrowdConf Contest Winner

Congratulations to Manuel Ponce de Leon, the winner of our CrowdConf 2010 ticket giveaway. Coming to San Francisco on October 4th, CrowdConf is the first conference centered around the field of crowdsourcing and the future of distributed work, discussing the flattening of the global labor market.

TheAppleBlog: A New Unified Experience

This evening we’re launching another redesign of all the network sites to bring them under one unified “GigaOM” experience. From a pure design perspective, it’s not a major visual change, but the navigation across all of the sites is a pretty significant change.

Changes to WebWorkerDaily

There are some changes happening to all of the sites in the GigaOM blog network, including WebWorkerDaily. Today, we’re introducing a new consistent header navigation across all of the sites, and soon we’ll be making some under-the-hood changes, too.

WWDC 2010 Keynote Live Coverage

TheAppleBlog will be at the WWDC 2010 keynote providing live coverage! We’ll be providing text and photo updates both before and during the event to see if any our predictions came true.

TechUniversity: Keynote Transitions & Effects

Using transitions and effects in your Keynote presentations can really help keep your audience engaged. We’ll show you how to get started creating transitions and effects right away.

TheAppleBlog Launches Mac Video Tutorial Site TechUniversity

After four months of development and production, I’m very proud to announce the launch of TechUniversity, a video tutorial and screencast site dedicated to teaching you how to use your Mac and Apple products. We have videos for both beginners and pros alike.

TAB Welcomes: Andy Boothe

I’m a programmer who decided somewhere along the way that he could write words as well as code. I’ve determined that English isn’t so different from C or Java. English uses words; code uses bits. There’s more of each in the other than you think.

TAB Welcomes: Wayne Bishop

Well, where do I begin? First of all, it’s great to become a contributing member of TheAppleBlog. I’ve been a TAB fan for quite some time so it feels pretty surreal to be part of the team.