Happy Holidays!

We at Giga Gamez want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. It’s been a great year for gaming, and we hope all of you received whatever you may have wanted. Please be careful if you’re travelling. Thanks for reading!

See you tomorrow!

Welcome to GigaGamez

Broadband is transforming the business of games, while games are transforming the business of broadband. Over the last few months I’ve doing my best to cover that evolution for GigaOM, and now I’m helping Om Malik launch this sister site, fully dedicated to telling that story in full. In the next few years, new revenue and distribution models will emerge, legacy media companies which fail to adjust will be left behind, and somewhere in this cycle, the Net’s user-created content revolution will turn gaming into an egalitarian medium, while those who’ve been gamers for decades will begin taking over the spheres of business and politics, and start making them play by their rules.

 I’ll need a lot of help telling this story, but fortunately, this site will be building up a team, starting with Jason McMaster, a freelance journalist who works with GamaSutra and Firing Squad writing technical pieces and industry interviews. (He got his start writing reviews for IGN’s Gamespy.) As our savvy and energetic junior blogger, he’ll help keep us apprised of bestseller lists, industry news, and all the other facts that give economic fuel to gaming in the era of broadband. As a gamer, his favorite five titles are QuakeWorld Team Fortress, Secret of Monkey Island, Ultima Underworld, Counter-Strike, and, adorably, Mario Golf.
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