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Here at TheAppleBlog, we think our readers are some of the best leading indicators of what will happen in the tech world, be it for Apple products or technology in general. With this in mind, we wondered what would happen if we asked you your thoughts about tech products such as smartphones and web tablets.

So here it is, a short survey asking about just that. We also think you would love to see the results, so if you take the survey, we’ll send you an executive summary of the report we’ll produce for GigaOM Pro, and we’ll also be posting some results on The AppleBlog as well. And if that doesn’t compel you, if you take the survey you might win one of two $50 Amazon gift certificates we’ll be giving away to those who take the survey.

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TAB Welcomes: Patrick Hunt

Urban Dictionary defines “red-headed step-child” as one who, unlike a stepchild who looks like their step parent, is likely to be singled out for abuse. Which may very well define my stint here at TheAppleBlog. Will you, dear readers, treat me with the respect of someone with a true birthright, or use and abuse me for being the one of us who doesn’t look like the others? Time will tell.

I do know this: I actually have red hair, and I’m excited to join the excellent team of bloggers at TheAppleBlog. My name is Patrick Hunt, and this is my story (well, not the whole story, just enough to give you an idea of who is writing this bile!). Read More about TAB Welcomes: Patrick Hunt

TAB Welcomes: Andrew Flocchini

From the frozen tundra of Minnesota I hail, not by choice but by birth. I bring with me a head full of useless knowledge and trivia. I know, “Is this guy some sort of Superhero?” No, just an ordinary man, or am I?

I’ve always been a tinkerer and owned many PC’s throughout my life. One day I grew tired of always troubleshooting and wanted to just enjoy the computer. From that point on, I was a Mac user. Using my machines to edit movies and other multimedia content.

I work in Higher Education as an Apple Admin at a college in Minnesota. Since I came onboard, we have been making the switch to becoming a 100 percent Apple campus. Before I was here, there was a big fear of Macs. Now there is a love affair. I created the site ADaMac to journal my troubleshooting experiences and hopefully help other Admins out who had nowhere to turn. A large-scale mixed Apple/Microsoft environment , can be tricky at times. Aside from Apple, I have a wife and two kids that keep me pretty busy. I love music, film & of course video games. I’m also a volunteer Firefighter in my city. My feeling is that I want to have a lot of experiences to look back on.

So how did I become a writer for TheAppleBlog? I guess I sent the right email at the right time because here I am. I’m very excited to have a little part of the site and I will do my best to contribute the best articles I can.

You can follow me (because I’m so interesting) on Twitter @flocchini.

Large Hadron Collider Powered By…Apple?

If you check out the webcams at the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s CMS project, you may just observe something rather unexpected.

Although the picture below is from CERN, it’s much more akin to a boring office space than a scientific laboratory. However, look a little closer and you might notice something out of the ordinary. It seems that some of the research at CERN may be powered by Apple (s aapl).

The scientists over at CERN are doing some serious research, using data from the Large Hadron Collider for something called the Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment. While it’s not clear if this is an officially sanctioned MacBook, using Apple gear for scientific research is nothing new. Read More about Large Hadron Collider Powered By…Apple?

Vid-Biz: TWC-Fox, FCC, Avatar

Time Warner Cable, Fox Negotiations Near 11th Hour; cable subscribers could lose access to American Idol, The Simpsons and some of the NFL playoffs if the cable company fails to resolve a fee standoff with Fox by Dec. 31. (CNNMoney.com)

FCC’s Levin: Broadband Plans Don’t Threaten Future of Broadcasting; but the commission’s broadband adviser also says broadcaster revenue streams do not support retaining all of their spectrum all of the time. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Avatar Unleashes a New Kind of Creative; for heavily CG movies, the concept designer has emerged as a new profession. (Variety)

Rainbow Media, MSG Face Contract Expiration With DirecTV; multi-year distribution contracts for Rainbow Media’s national services AMC, We TV, IFC and Fuse conclude with DirecTV on Dec. 31, as do the deals for regional sports networks MSG and MSG Plus. (Multichannel News)

Broadband Consumers to Foot £500M Bill to Tackle Piracy; ISPs say the UK’s Digital Economy Bill would add £25 ($39.95) a year to broadband subscriptions. (Times Online)

Cablevision Extends Exec Contracts; cable company entered into employment agreements with President and CEO James Dolan, Chief Operating Officer Tom Rutledge and Vice Chairman Hank Ratner through Dec. 31, 2014. (Multichannel News)

Loud Commercial Bill Passes House, Heads to Senate; the disparity between the audio output of television shows and commercials is soon to be cleared up, if the bill is able to pass through the Senate. (High-Def Digest)

4 Out of 5 Viewers Leave If a Stream Buffers Once

Whatever happened to patience? More than 81 percent of all online video viewers click away if they encounter a clip rebuffering, according to a new study by Tubemogul. The Emeryville-based video distribution and analytics startup took a close look at 192 million video streams over the course of 14 days to figure out how much rebuffers matter. The result: 6.81 percent of all streams rebuffer at some point, and around 2.5 percent rebuffer twice.

Tubemogul also measure how many times rebuffers occur across several popular CDNs. During its tests, Limelight (s LLNW) performed the best, while Bitgravity’s streams had to reload the most, with Akamai (s AKAM) being somewhere in the middle.

Read More about 4 Out of 5 Viewers Leave If a Stream Buffers Once

Reader Survey: Help Us Better Serve You (and Win a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate)

At GigaOM Pro, we offer a wide variety of in-depth market research that appeals to the technology enthusiast, innovator, investor and designer. While we know many of these words can be used to describe readers of TheAppleBlog, we also know most of you visit TheAppleBlog for Apple related news, analysis and reviews.

Given this, we’d like to better understand what types of analysis and market research topics would be valuable to visitors of TheAppleBlog. This short survey will help us to better do so and, as a result, make GigaOM Pro more valuable by offering market research for this large and enthusiastic audience.

You can take the survey here. We are offering a $50 iTunes gift card to one lucky survey participant, so if you want to take a shot at winning this gift card, please take a few minutes to fill out our survey (we will not use your email address — if you choose to enter your name for consideration for the gift card — for anything else but this drawing).

How We Live Blogged the 9.9.09 Apple Media Event


I have always been curious about what kind of tools people have used to liveblog events (especially those involving Apple). As many of you readers know, Apple recently held a media event on 9.9.09. I jumped on the opportunity to attend and represent TheAppleBlog. Naturally, one of my responsibilities was to liveblog everything.

Here’s the plan that was put together:



  • CoverItLive
  • Text messaging
  • Email
  • Flickr
  • Adium
  • Eye-Fi Manager

Read More about How We Live Blogged the 9.9.09 Apple Media Event