Verizon MiFi 3G Router Coming May 17

mifi2200_tilted_rightWe’ve been interested in the MiFi 3G router ever since Novatel first announced it, and we were impressed when we saw it in person at the CTIA this year. There’s something about a Wi-Fi router the size of a credit card that has EV-DO integrated for connecting almost anywhere and sharing the connection with up to five devices. Verizon (s vz) was obviously impressed, too, and have commissioned a model of the Novatel MiFi for their 3G network that will be available on May 17.

The Verizon MiFi 2200 will be available with a couple of monthly data plan options: a $40 plan for 250 MB ($0.10/MB overage) and a $60 plan for 5 GB ($0.05/MB overage). Those who travel infrequently will be able to get an unsubsidized MiFi and use a 24-hour day pass for $15 as needed. The MiFi will run you $100 after a $50 rebate at Verizon on May 17. I have to admit I am seriously considering replacing my USB Verizon modem with one of these for the ease of use it provides.

(via engadget)

Gear bag fetish? Don’t worry, be.ez

Gear addicts usually end up with just as big a fetish for gear bags as for the gadgets themselves.  The search for the perfect gear bag is eternal, and finding a new source for them makes for a banner day that we just have to share.  Today I heard from a new source of gear bags I have never seen, and that makes for a good day indeed.  The brand of the day is be.ez (be easy) and they have a line of notebook sleeves, urban bags and backpacks that are really cool.  Check out this backpack for the ladies:


This urban bag is really sweet too:


CES Video: Day One Wrap, Focus on Palm Pre

We’re about to hit ShowStoppers but decided to record our six-minute wrap-up video first. All the buzz is about Palm right now and we talk about why that is. Some folks on are rightfully questioning if there’s too much attention being paid to the Palm Pre. They could be right, but two thoughts come to mind. First, everyone’s expectations were generally low so they might have been easy to exceed. Secondly, most the “big” news at CES is generally during the first day or two. We’re at that point now and there really hasn’t been any other “wow!” Just our thoughts from the floor, which of course, are debatable. Especially since we’re whooped! 🙂

Update: the Oompa-Loompas that process YouTube vids just told me the higher-def version is ready.

Toshiba, Sandisk slashing NAND memory production due to poor demand

We are seeing NAND flash memory in all sorts of products these days and the high demand for the cheap memory saw Toshiba and SanDisk enter a joint venture to build an expanded production facility in Japan.  This facility was scheduled to go operational this year to allow the two giant flash memory makers to ramp up to meet demands.

Then came the failing economy and accompanying price freefalls that has many memory makers running in the red.  This climate has worsened to the point that Toshiba and SanDisk are cutting back their production of NAND memory, Toshiba by a tremendous 30%.  Both companies are claiming that demand has fallen dramatically resulting in over-supply which has caused memory prices to tank.

”Recession in the global economy and the slowdown in consumer spendingare having a significant impact on demand for semiconductors,”according to Toshiba in a statement. ”This is particularly notable inNAND flash memories, where decreased demand for applications such asmemory cards and MP3 players has generated excess supply.”

What is unclear is how this global flash memory situation will impact Apple.  Apple is one of the largest consumers of NAND flash memory in iPods and iPhones and it’s not clear how they would be impacted if a major consolidation of memory makers were to take place next year as some experts predict.

(eeTimes via engadget)