How Much Time Does Social Media Marketing Take?

In 2008, Beth Kanter blogged about how much time it should take to implement social media. She created a diagram to illustrate the main social media activities and the hours per week it takes to implement them. I’ve created my own up-to-date version of the figure.

Social Media Nomenclature, Then and Now

I’ve been thinking about what this year has meant for social media marketing and how things have changed. I came across one of my posts from 2008 where I tried to find category names for social media tools; it’s interesting to see how they have evolved.

What Facebook Messages Is Really After

Facebook Messages isn’t about replacing email. What the social network is really trying to establish with its recently unveiled unified communications hub is presence management, and this new "modern messaging system" is more concerned with intimacy and immediacy, as opposed to formality, flexibility and history.

Four Ways Social Media Will Change Television

When people mention social media and TV, often the reaction is that viewers don’t want constant status updates and tweets creating a visual mess on their screens. But yesterday at NewTeeVee Live, Robin Sloan from Twitter talked about how Twitter is changing the TV viewing experience.

Web Users Seek the “Right to Be Forgotten”

The EU is currently proposing laws that would require web site and service owners to delete individuals’ personal information from their records. The new laws aim to uphold a person’s “right to be forgotten.” How do you feel about your right to be forgotten?

Hands-On With New Social Browser RockMelt

Launched at the weekend, new “social browser” RockMelt promises to make it easy to share and keep up with your friends. It caused quite a lot of discussion after Om wrote about it. I’ve had a chance to take it for a quick test drive.

The Next Wave of Social Media Nears Critical Mass

When it comes to consumer technologies, how big is big enough? When do they really start to gain momentum, and what happens when they do? These are questions of critical mass — the tipping point when user adoption starts producing the hockey-stick growth that fosters sustainable businesses.

Do We Share Too Much?

I’m probably more comfortable sharing my work with other people; I also tend to share information about other parts of my life online. Occasionally, I like to step back and think about how much is too much when it comes to sharing details about my life.

Social Media Marketing: Is It All Just Hype?

I recently received an email advertising a webinar from HubSpot, an inbound marketing company. The subject line was provocative enough to get me to open it, and it got me thinking about all the hype we’ve seen over social media. Where is this thing going?

How to Make Myspace Relevant (Again)

In the realm of might-have-beens, Myspace shows more promise than Friendster. But unlike some former web leaders, it’s still salvageable. Myspace shouldn’t try to challenge Facebook for social network leadership, but it can remain a valuable consumer media business, if not a technology driver. Here’s how.