OneNote for iPhone Review: Overly Simple Note Taking

Yesterday, Microsoft launched its first Office app for iOS, a mobile version of the digital notebook application OneNote. If you’ve never heard of it, it may be because you’re using the Mac version of Office, which lacks OneNote, greatly reducing the usability of the iOS app.

Twitter for Mac Review: The Bird Is Back

A new version of popular Twitter client Tweetie is finally here, launching today alongside Apple’s new Mac App Store. The updated application comes with a new, more official, name: Twitter for Mac. So, are the various changes to this highly popular application worth getting excited about?

Excel 2011: You Do the Math

Microsoft has released Office 2011 for the Mac, and we’ve already looked at the new versions of PowerPoint and Word in the suite. Now it’s Excel’s turn. How does the updated spreadsheet program compare to the dismal reputation of its predecessor?

Word 2011: The Word I’ve Been Waiting For

Word 2008 quickly fell out of favor with me. It consistently crashed on exit. It was horribly slow, and struggled to keep up with itself. If Word 2011 just felt faster and didn’t crash, I’d consider it money well spent. But Microsoft went beyond that.

PowerPoint 2011: Office Gets Good Looking

I’m not really one for presentations. I’ve given talks before, but I like to do it old-school, without visual aids. I have, however, prepared presentations for others, so I know my way around PowerPoint, which is why the new version for Mac really caught me by surprise.

Quick Look: Official Posterous App for iPhone

I’m a fan of Posterous, but I don’t actually use it all that much. For a while, I was using PicPosterous for iPhone to share photographic memories of special events, but the app was limited and it didn’t take. Now, Posterous has released an official app.

Roundup: Financial Management Apps for iPad

One of the top reasons people buy an iPad probably isn’t to balance a checkbook, but doing anything on a desktop is so 2009. However, few native financial iPad apps exist. Fear not though, we’ve combed the pool to find the best.

Backblaze vs. CrashPlan: Mac Backup Smackdown, Round 2

Online backup companies know that once you pay for the painstaking initial data dump, you’ll likely stay a customer long-term, because of convenience. But could unique features and attractive pricing convince you to switch? Today we turn to Backblaze and CrashPlan to find out.

Quick Look: Postbox 2

If you need a smarter alternative to Apple’s Mail, this may be just the thing. Postbox 2.0 is a Mozilla-based email client that prides itself on saving you time and keeping you organized. It has support for plug-ins, native archiving, to-do tags and tabs.

Hands-On: GV Connect Returns to the App Store

In some ways, GV Connect’s re-appearance was somewhat anticlimactic. After what felt like months of “he said, she said,” along with an FCC inquiry, I heard this news via a retweet. I had to try it out, after so much hype and conflicting opinion.