On Phones Social is the Killer App & it Will Cost You

Social networking has become the killer application for mobile broadband and possibly the adoption of smartphones. A survey out today from Allot Communications has measured a 310 percent increase in Twitter traffic from the first half of 2010 and a 200 percent increase in Facebook traffic.

MetroPCS: This Isn’t the LTE Network You’re Looking For

MetroPCS launched the nation’s first LTE network today in Las Vegas, as well as the first handset to run on it: the Samsung Craft. The network will be fast, and the plans to get on that network will be cheap, but the Craft isn’t a smartphone.

That Didn’t Take Long: Oracle and HP Kiss and Make Up

Hewlett-Packard has resolved its lawsuit against its former CEO Mark Hurd, which arose after Hurd joined HP’s sometimes collaborator and sometimes rival Oracle. According to a joint statement today from both companies, HP and Hurd have settled.

ChaCha to Drop T-Mobile in Response to “Twitter Tax”

ChaCha said it will stop delivering text messages to T-Mobile USA customers if the carrier moves ahead with a plan to charge businesses for texts. ChaCha probably won’t be the last company to take such a drastic step in response to the proposed toll.

AT&T Apparently Realized It Needs to Get Moving on LTE

AT&T today said it plans to launch its fourth-generation LTE network by mid-2011 and will cover 75 million people by the end of next year. The carrier will spend $700 million this year rolling out the faster networks, with trials set for Dallas and Baltimore.

Give Your Phone a Split Personality

ARM’s new Eagle processor core is pretty darn exciting. Who wouldn’t want five times the performance at the same power consumption as today’s chips? But the core also supports virtualization on a chip, which could soon change the way you handle your phone.

The iPhone’s NIMBY Problem Underscored

The tech industry has pretty much determined that mobile is the future of the Internet: on your cell phone, on your tablet and in your car. Despite this, there’s still a huge reluctance to allow the infrastructure to helps deliver mobile connectivity: the towers.

The Future of Collaboration Brought to You by Twitter

The nature of collaboration is changing thanks to social media, a rising number of teleworkers and –most importantly– broadband. Instead of one-on-one collaboration over distances and in offices folks can now collaborate with multiple people easily. I ran across two examples of this shift this week.