What Do Groupon, RadiumOne and Tumblr Have in Common?

In Silicon Valley, there’s an elite group of companies whose valuations defy gravity. These are companies with momentum, whether real or perceived: Zynga, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Add Groupon, RadiumOne, Tumblr, Cloudera and RightScale to this list. Plus, they are all in the money.

Meet BrightScope: The Morningstar of 401(k) Plans

In this video interview the Alfred brothers — Mike and Ryan — co-founders of San Diego-based Brightscope tell the story of their startup which is becoming the Morningstar of the 401K plan. They share how they took raw government data and turned it into actionable information.

Ben Stiller’s Got Web Cred Thanks to Stiller & Meara

I’ve gotten less excited about celebrities making web video content over the past few years, because it’s often clear that the web is a foreign platform to them. However, Ben Stiller has already proven his Internet savvy with the web series Stiller & Meara.

Hulu Plus Could Get a Price Cut

Hulu might slash the price of Hulu Plus in half, from $9.95 a month to $4.95 a month. The possibility of a price cut could indicate the subscription service, which is still in beta, might not have generated the consumer interest that Hulu had hoped for.

Apple.com Confirms New iLife, Macbook Air

Somebody jumped the gun at Apple’s official Discussions page early this morning, adding new sections for iMovie ’11, iPhoto ’11 and GarageBand ’11. There’s also one called “MBA (Need official name)” which means a new MacBook Air is all but certain at today’s event.

Oh! Oh! Even Linden Lab Founder Is Leaving

Four months after CEO Mark Kingdon left the San Francisco-based Linden Labs — the company behind once hot virtual world, Second Life — interim CEO and founder Phil Rosedale is leaving the company to work on his new company, LoveMachine, which is working on collaboration software.

The iPhone’s Challenge to Open Source

Freedom-loving developers have long used open-source licenses as a tactic to maintain the open availability of their source code. With the rise of closed hardware/software platforms like Apple’s iPhone, however, that tactic is being challenged. And that may not be a bad thing.

Kleiner-Backed Siluria Raises Funds for Greener Building Blocks

How’s this for a fund-raising pitch: We’re developing a cheaper, more sustainable way to produce a material that already finds its way into just about everything you touch? That’s the pitch Siluria Technologies used to attract $13.3 million in venture capital.

Oct. 18: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

With EMC in talks to buy Isilon and news of Dell’s DCS business only getting better, the future is all about lots and lots of cheap boxes. And speaking of the future, will all the post-M&A integration leave “supervendors” hamstrung as IT passes them by?