Structure 2010: Is There a Hybrid Cloud in Your Future?

There are public clouds like Amazon’s EC2, and private clouds run behind firewalls, but some networking experts believe the big opportunity for infrastructure companies and service providers in the future will be finding ways of blending the private and public, or creating bridges between the two.

Structure 2010: Intel vs. the Homogeneous Cloud

Hey guys, we should really work together, was Intel’s message at Structure 2010 in San Francisco, where GM of high density computing Jason Waxman correctly identified himself as the elephant in the room (something at least one panelist had called Intel earlier in the conference).

Structure 2010: How Does a Company Scale in Real Time?

Network engineers from Yahoo, Facebook, PayPal and Zynga said that startups and other companies need to think about how they are going to scale their infrastructure as they grow. However, they also said companies need to recognize their predictions will probably turn out to be wrong.

Structure 2010: Latency Still a Problem For the Cloud

The growth in bandwidth and cloud computing makes it easier to handle the massive amounts of data the world is producing every day, but latency — the lag in transferring that information across large networks — is still an issue, networking experts said at Structure today.

Structure 2010: 5 Signs You Have Big Data

Data — massive amounts of it — are emerging more quickly than ever before thanks to always-on networks and sensors, and companies are increasingly turning to new tools to help make sense of it. But how do you know if your company has hit “big data?”