About.me and Flavors.me: Online Calling Cards

Flavors.me and About.me are both platforms for creating “personal splash pages.” I decided to compare the two services, in order to see how splash pages can be used as online business cards, and whether they might be useful for web workers.

Can Open Converged Infrastructure Compete?

Conventional wisdom suggests buying into the convenience and performance of converged infrastructure means buying into the dreaded vendor lock-in problem. As it turns out, however, that doesn’t have to be the case — Dell and Egenera are two players leading the charge for open converged infrastructure.

If Emily Post Used Twitter

My insight into Twitter etiquette isn’t anything earth-shattering, but as the 140-character microblogging platform has become a daily tool for just about all of us, we’ve developed a loose set of norms when it comes to how we conduct ourselves on the service.

The Email Signature: From Efficient to Overkill

That’s my email signature. Name, title, company/slogan, mobile. I’d like to think that it’s pretty basic. It’s not overloaded with content, but it’s sufficient in communicating who I am, what I do, where I do it and how you can hear my voice if you desire.

Sincerely, Me: What Our Email Sign-offs Say About Us

For us web workers, where our communication is digital more often than not, the way we sign our emails may (or may not) reveal certain clues about what we’re trying to accomplish. Let’s poke around at a few of the most common sign-offs/closings.

How Social Media is Affecting the Way We Speak and Write

Do you speak “social?” There is a lot of writing out there about the effects of social media on business, marketing, branding and customer services. But what about how social media communications is impacting our written communications, or even our oral communications?

Do What Works for You

Lately, I’ve been hearing too many people talk about what people must do. If you start a blog, you must post three or four times every week. Your company must engage in conversations on . Everyone must have a newsletter.