The Fine Art of Persuasion via Email

This week, I’ve faced a few work challenges that I’ve had to resolve remotely as, I’m sure, have you. But as the situations in question escalated, and I found myself getting a little hot under the collar, I had to put my complaint-email writing skills to the test.

Private or Personal in Social Media?

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about the personal, professional and private information we share online, especially in light of all of the recent discussions about the changes to Facebook’s privacy policy. I actually believe that online privacy is more of an illusion than it is reality, but maintaining our privacy is something that deserves more thought than many of us devote to it. This is especially true for those of us who make our living online. Read More about Private or Personal in Social Media?

Can Social Media Give You an Overinflated Ego?

Lately, I have been spending some time thinking about how people react to social media fame. What happens when you reach 1,000 Twitter followers? 5,000? 20,000? 100,000? How do you react when your blog is suddenly getting significant traffic and people are hanging on your every word? Some people can take it in stride without letting it go to their heads while other people end up with enormous overinflated egos.

Compare this to the reaction to fame that professional athletes, actors, musicians and celebrity CEOs face. Some people completely change (new house, new cars, new friends, new spouse, etc.) while others continue to live in their old neighborhood with existing friends, and remain grounded despite their fame. While social media fame isn’t the same, I see similar reactions. Read More about Can Social Media Give You an Overinflated Ego?

The Web Worker’s Client Site Survival Guide

While many of us love working in our home office or other alternative venue of choice there will often be times when your projects take you to a client site for an extended period of time. I’ve spent time on and off client sites for a majority of my career, and know it can be difficult for some workers who are used to working from home.

This post offers up a refresher on some client site etiquette in case you find yourself rusty on it as you find yourself making the trudge back to a client site for the short or long term. Read More about The Web Worker’s Client Site Survival Guide

Taking Content Strategy Personally

If you don’t have a professional blog or web site, you may think that you don’t need to worry about content strategy. Think again. Celine gave some great advice in her article “How to Develop a Content Strategy for Your Professional Blog,” but these days our blogs and web sites aren’t the only windows to our professional souls. If you use social media platforms for professional purposes, you should consider having a content strategy for the material you publish on them as well. Read More about Taking Content Strategy Personally

Is Twitter Replacing the RSS Reader?

rssLast Friday, I was attending Portland’s weekly Beer and Blog event, and I stumbled across what later turned out to be an interesting trend. I had two separate, unrelated conversations about an hour apart with people working in the technology industry who once used RSS readers but had mostly abandoned them in favor of using Twitter to find news and interesting blog posts. I talked to a couple of other friends and posted the question on Twitter, which confirmed that many people are using Twitter as an RSS reader replacement. Read More about Is Twitter Replacing the RSS Reader?

Don’t Overestimate the Tech Savvy of Your Clients

techsavvyMost of us don’t just work on the web, we kind of live on it too. And our virtual neighbors are people who speak our language. But you must not forget that people like us are still the minority, even in places that have universal Internet access like the U.S. and Europe.

We’re often called on to be more than service providers. Sometimes we also have to educate our clients, and even be ambassadors of the worlds of technology and the Internet. Read More about Don’t Overestimate the Tech Savvy of Your Clients

UK Survey Indicates Palm Pre More Anticipated Than the iPhone

Market Research group TNS has published the results of a survey that finds the Palm Pre, due to be launched in the UK later this month, is more positively anticipated by consumers than the iPhone was in 2007.

Reported today on Electronista, the survey from TNS claims that of the 1,000 UK residents polled, a whopping 26 percent claimed they will buy, or probably will buy, a Palm Pre following its debut on the O2 network on October 16. That’s compared with only 16 percent who expressed a desire to buy the iPhone when it was launched two years ago.

Furthermore, a stunning 32 percent of consumers currently signed to other carriers expressed a desire to switch to O2 in order to get their hands on Palm’s beleaguered new device. Read More about UK Survey Indicates Palm Pre More Anticipated Than the iPhone

Online Writing Tips: Interviewing for the Web 101

recorderWriting content for the web can take many forms, but a good number of those forms will probably involve an interview at some point or another. As a general rule, good interviews have three characteristics: One, they make you forget that someone other than the reader is asking the questions. Two, the reader leaves knowing something they didn’t before. Three, the reader doesn’t learn anything about the interviewer from the interview. The tips that follow should help you achieve these things. Read More about Online Writing Tips: Interviewing for the Web 101