Will T-Mobile’s Fast New 4G Phone Be Slowed by Samsung?

T-Mobile’s first 4G phone with a 21 Mbps radio is the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, a variant of the current Galaxy S devices. The smartphone will ship with Android 2.2, but Samsung’s update history isn’t all that great — will it affect sales of the new phone?

The Case for and Against a Buttonless iPhone and iPad

The iOS 4.3 beta, despite being covered by Apple’s NDA, is leaking signs of new hardware and software features like a sieve. The latest find is support for multi-touch gestures on the iPhone. Is the feature also a sign of a buttonless future for iOS devices?

Netflix’s Next Big Problem: Keeping Quality Content

Netflix has built a sizable streaming library, with more than 20,000 titles now available. So why is it that, when the company is spending more money than ever securing streaming content, I’m finding less and less to watch through its streaming service?

How Verizon LTE Phones Could Offer Simultaneous Voice and Data

Verizon is launching four LTE handsets in the first half of 2011, but one, the HTC Thunderbolt, is expected to offer simultaneous voice and data. It’s likely Verizon will keep voice and data traffic separate meaning the solution will only work in areas of LTE coverage.

The App Market Is Heading for an App Store Showdown

Independent, off-deck, app stores will become the major driver of mobile app downloads by 2015, eclipsing on-deck app store. That’s the word from a new report from research firm MarketsandMarkets, which forecast the growth of the mobile app market.

iOS, Android Loyalty Raises App Lock-In Hurdle for Others

iPhone owners are the most satisfied with their mobile platform, but Android owners are the most likely to stick with their handset OS for their next phone. Better Google apps may be the reason, but regardless, it’s potentially bad news for Apple and Google smartphone competitors.

iPad 2 Picture Getting Clearer as Rumors Ramp Up

The iPad 2 is said by some to be arriving as early as February (at least in the U.S.), and the rumor mill is working overtime. As consensus grows, we end up with a much better picture of what to expect from Apple’s next iPad.

iPhones 180x More Likely to Be Current Than Androids. Not.

MG Siegler notes that few Android handsets run version 2.3, the most current version of Google’s mobile platform, but the argument is disingenuous when he says that nearly 90 percent of iPhones are current. You can’t count minor versions for one platform and not the other.

Retina Display on iPad2 Could Lead to Bigger iPhone

iPad 2 is expected to have a “retina display,” but the pixel per inch count is far less than the 330 found on iPhone 4. That means a future iPhone with 4-inch display could use a retina display while improving the experience for browsing and video.