25 iPads Combine to Form Giant Interactive Display

At this year’s Tokyo Designers Week, one of the most interesting installations was a giant screen made up of 25 synced iPads. The display, called iProject 25 and commissioned by the Environmental Ministry of Japan, was intended to reflect the impact of humans on their surroundings.

Google’s New Feature: “Trap My Contacts Now”

As part of its ongoing battle with Facebook over data portability as it applies to users’ contact information, Google has added a new warning message when you try to export your contacts to the social network: a message entitled “Trap my contacts now.”

“Calling Nixon:” Google Voice Rings Big Business

Today, Fortune writer Seth Weintraub saw that his Google Voice account linked to his Apps account and surmised the service would soon be available to all, turning Google Voice into corporate VoIP. But there’s a problem. Corporate voicemails may soon be lost in transcription.

5 QR Code Readers for iPhone

QR codes are popping up everywhere in the U.S. They link digital information like URLs to real world objects. You’ve probably seen them on movie posters, in magazine ads, or even on business cards. Here are some great free QR code scanning apps for your iPhone.

Justin Bieber Is Now a YouTube Billionaire

It doesn’t really get any bigger than this in the world of YouTube stardom: Justin Bieber announced via Twitter today that he clocked more than a billion video views on YouTube. He’s the second musician ever to break the billion, closely following Lady Gaga’s online success.

Facebook: We’re More Open. Google: No Way. Facebook: Yes Way.

The war of words between Google and Facebook over who controls a user’s contact information has been pushed up another notch, as a member of Facebook’s engineering team argues that Google has changed its tune on data portability because it is afraid of competition from Facebook.

Web Users Seek the “Right to Be Forgotten”

The EU is currently proposing laws that would require web site and service owners to delete individuals’ personal information from their records. The new laws aim to uphold a person’s “right to be forgotten.” How do you feel about your right to be forgotten?

Glassgate: Where Does Apple’s Responsibility End?

Apple is pulling slide-on iPhone 4 cases from its retail shelves and the online store. Customers are reporting scratches and cracks caused by grit trapped between case and iPhone. Clearly, Apple wants to avoid a repeat of Antennagate. But is the company overreacting?

Hashable Gets Serious About Relationships

Hashable, a New York startup in private beta, looks to create and facilitate introductions and interactions. But CEO Michael Yavonditte sees a much brighter future for the venture as a way to encourage more real world engagement, measure social relationships and create a decentralized social network.

Can Heroku Become the Official Cloud of Facebook Apps?

Spotting an opportunity to formally merge cloud computing with social networking, Heroku has developed a program to help customers develop and launch Facebook apps on the Heroku platform. Given the huge number of social apps hosted atop Heroku, the time is ripe to launch this program.