Issuu Gives Up on App Store After Three Rejections

Issuu, a popular document sharing service that may have provided some competition for Apple’s ?planned digital newsstand?, has abandoned plans to release an iOS app after Apple rejected the company three times. The company hinted that its openness was the cause of its rejection.

Apple SIM Soap Opera to Play Out on M2M and Smart Grid

Apple’s push for embedded or programmable SIM cards appears stalled by threatened carriers, but the GSMA is moving forward to research the use these chips. They may not appear in phones for some time, but there are other opportunities in web-connected machines and smartgrid devices.

Black Friday Deals Coming from Apple

In an email sent out to customers and on, the company invites you to “Wrap it up this Friday” at a special one-day shopping event on Nov. 26. This year, the tradition goes worldwide, with various international stores also advertising the impending sale.

Google’s Cloud Connect Is a Two-Way Street for Microsoft

Google today released Google Cloud Connect, a plug-in that allows a user to sync Microsoft Office documents with Google Docs online. It’s part of Google’s ongoing efforts to court Office users but will it lure anyone to Google’s cloud?

How To Watch The Daily Show on Google TV

Want to watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report or Drawn Together on Google TV? Then don’t be discouraged by the fact that Comedy Central’s corporate parent just started blocking Google TV devices, as regaining access to these videos only takes a minute.

iOS 4.2 is Here: This is What You Get

iOS 4.2 is now out in the wild, just waiting for you to plug in your device and hit the “Check for Updates” button. That is, if Apple’s servers can handle it. When you do manage to update your device, here’s what you’ll find.

Will Hulu-like Video Ads Work on YouTube?

YouTube will soon introduce an ad format that give viewers the ability to choose between multiple video ads, or skip them altogether. While choosing between ads has worked for Hulu, which pioneered the format, it’s unclear if having a choice will resonate with YouTube viewers.

Is Samsung’s Reported Interest in WP7 a Sign of Android Fatigue?

Samsung, which has rode Android to success with the Galaxy S, is reportedly shifting its focus to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 in 2011. According to, 63 percent of smartphones built by Samsung will be WP7 devices, followed by Android at 32 percent.

VM Who? Microsoft Buys $450M of Novell IP

Attachmate, a privately held software vendor, bought Novell, the once-powerful enterprise networking player, for $2.2 billion. The interesting part of this story, however, is not who bought Novell, but who didn’t – namely, VMware. In fact, bitter VMware rival Microsoft might end up with some valuable assets.

Gift a Kindle E-book via Email This Year

Amazon is bringing the e-book more in line with the paper variety with the ability to give Kindle e-books as gifts this year. Giving that special book to a friend or family member is always a good gift, and now that includes the digital variety.