Americans starting to adjust to instability, studies suggest

After years of economic hardship and unsettling changes to how we work, how are Americans coping? Two new surveys suggest that while Americans may be far less optimistic than they were in cheerier historical periods, they are starting to come to terms with the changes.

Forrester: Enterprise social barely out of the starting gate

From breaking down barriers to the flow of information within the organization to communicating with customers, enterprise social tools are often hailed as a next-generation solution for improving the business bottom line. But how many workers are actually using them? A survey finds out.

Tales from the trenches: MacKenzie-Childs

When we say remote work, we usually have one sense of the word in mind –distant from colleagues. But remote has another related meaning: rural. MacKenzie-Childs is remote in both senses. We spoke to the CEO about the benefits and challenges of remote, remote workers.

Coworking: An economic development idea for rural America?

Adaptable to a variety of work situations, tech friendly and easy to get off the ground, are coworking spaces a solution to rural areas’ economic woes? A non-profit in central Appalachia is hoping so as it prepares to open a space this fall.

Flex work rhetoric vs. reality: How big is the gap?

It’s hard to be against flexible work arrangements. but despite a lot of talk in support of new ways of working to help knowledge workers keep their sanity and families intact; a new survey shows many managers are merely paying lip service to the idea.

Is the tech IPO window closed? Not so fast.

The stock market’s ongoing sell-off has many people wondering whether the wave of tech company initial public offerings will soon sputter to a stop. But some financial industry experts say the current market volatility does not necessarily mean that the IPO window is closed.

Education or Experimentation? Professional Development for Innovative Teams

For innovative teams — those in startups as well as those innovating within established organizations — traditional professional development, or PD, has become an anachronism. Rather than being an after-hours, formal, institutionalized proposition, successful professional development in innovative teams is holistic and always-on.

Hug Energy Shuts Down Citing Weak Interest From Investors

Hug Energy, which had developed an application for computer energy management, is shutting down. CEO Marcus Tallhamn made the announcement in a blog post and an email to users, citing weak investor interest. It’s a sign of how crowded the energy management space has gotten.

CumuLogic Bringing Sun Cloud Roots to Java PaaS

The growing Java PaaS market will soon need to make room for CumuLogic, an startup led by a team of Sun Microsystems veterans. The Sun connection is notable because Sun was the Java owner and development leader before its acquisition by Oracle early last year.