Hands-on: Lambskin Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is selling well according to reports, and some owners might find the Lambskin portfolio case by Samsung to be a fitting companion for their new tablet. The Samsung case is designed to fit the tablet without adding undue bulk to the package.

iPad Stands Alone With Vario by Zerochroma

The special person in your life may already have an iPad, so if you’re wondering what to give this holiday season, you should consider the Vario stand. It clips onto the back of the iPad, becoming a stand that holds it in almost any position.

Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. the iPad

Samsung has kick-started the Android tablet space with the Galaxy Tab, the first Android tablet considered to be a genuine competitor to the iPad, due to its hardware configuration and build quality. See how it stacks up against the larger iPad in this video.

First Impressions of Verizon Galaxy Tab

The folks at Verizon are excited about the first tablet handled by the carrier, and sent over the Samsung Galaxy Tab for me to give a spin. It’s only been here a few hours, but I can share my first impressions of the 7-inch Android tablet.

Here Come the Android Tablet Apps

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is the first Android tablet considered to be a genuine competitor to the iPad, and developers are already releasing apps optimized for the 7-inch display. The Tab will soon be available on major U.S. phone carriers with integrated 3G connectivity.

Mobile Tech Manor #105: Galaxy Tab Thoughts

Mobile Tech Manor is my home office where all sorts of gadgetry is always arriving. In this column, I look back at the week in the Manor and recount the happenings and lessons learned. I love sharing my weeks with you, so welcome to the Manor

Video: Dooble Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad

The iPad is so thin it’s a shame to bulk it up with a case. The Dooble has a wireless keyboard embedded in a fake leather case that turns the tablet into a typing machine. This video demonstrates all aspects of the case, including its shortcomings.

Android Fragmentation Improves- 77% running 2.1, 2.2

A charge often levied against Android is the fragmentation that resulted from releasing so many versions of the OS in such a short time. That concern is lessening as the latest numbers shows that 77 percent of all Android devices are running Android 2.1 or 2.2.

Viewsonic ViewPads Announced: 7 and 10 Inch Models

Viewsonic has announced the release of two touch tablets in North America, the ViewPad 7 and 10. The first has a 7-inch display that puts it in competition with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the second has a 10-inch screen running Windows ad Android.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Breakdown: $205 vs iPad $264

Breaking down the Galaxy Tab into a list of components shows the 16-GB tablet carries an estimated price tag of $205 to make. This compares to the iPad’s estimated cost to build of $264, a difference due to the iPad’s larger screen and form factor.