Freedom Pro Portable Keyboard: Works With Anything

Portable keyboards are nothing new, I’ve used them for years. Many mobile gadgets rely on onscreen keyboards for text entry, but for writers that is often not good enough. I needed a keyboard and investigated the options, and chose the Freedom Pro Keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming to T-Mobile Nov. 10

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is poised to hit all of the major carriers in the U. S., and today we learned T-Mobile will have it first on Nov. 10. The carrier states the Tab will be available as low as $399.99 with a qualifying 2-year plan.

Amazon Opens Windowshop on iPad Screen

Amazon isn’t just about Kindles; it sells millions of items, and those are now easier than ever to find on the iPad with the release of Windowshop. The app puts a touch-friendly face on the Amazon online store, designed to help customers find what they want.

How Much Will the Samsung Galaxy Tab Cost? It Depends!

Steve Jobs may not see a market for a 7-inch tablet, but Samsung is banking on one with its Galaxy Tab slate hitting four major U. S. phone carriers and at least one third party retailer. It’s a good time to compare pricing for the Tab.

Mobile Tech Manor #103: Keyboard Envy

Mobile Tech Manor is my home office where all sorts of gadgetry is always arriving. In this column, I look back at the week in the Manor and recount the happenings and lessons learned. I love sharing my weeks with you, so welcome to the Manor.

HP Slate 500 Gets Real With Pen and Touch

HP has been teasing us with its on-again/off-again relationship with the HP Slate, but it’s on again with the official release of the Slate 500. The Slate 500 is aimed at the enterprise, with features not found in other Windows touch tablets, including pen support.

Video of 2 Touch Interfaces for Windows Tablets

Windows tablets will soon be coming to market, and their touch operation won’t be the best. Third-party interfaces that sit on top of Windows to improve touch operation are available; we take a look at two in this video: Thinix Touch and Mirabyte FrontFace.

First Look Video: TEGA v2 Windows & Android Tablet

The TEGA v2 tablet is only slightly bigger than the iPad, yet sports a full hardware configuration capable of running Windows 7 Pro quite nicely. The v2 also has an unusual distinction of booting into the Android OS in addition to Windows.

Mobile OS vs. Windows 7: Mobile OOBE Wins

As Microsoft and its partners get ready to hit the market with Windows-based tablets to compete with the iPad, my thoughts have turned to the all-important out-of-box experience (OOBE) that will create consumer’s first impressions of such products. Windows and tablets just don’t mix.

Intel Pushing Tablets, iPad Pushing Battery Life

Tablets are the hot ticket in the computing space, if comments by Intel CEO Paul Otellini are any indication. Otellini admitted the iPad has impacted Intel’s business, and the company is looking to the tablet space to rebound. Intel better be thinking battery life to compete.