Kevin Martin visits the Googleplex

It’s an unconfirmed rumor (but we have it on very good sources) that FCC chairman Kevin Martin was in Mountain View Wednesday, touring the Googleplex and no doubt chowing down on the famous free food. Makes sense, since Martin is scheduled to speak in Silicon Valley Thursday morning. Later this week, Presidential hopeful and YouTube dude Sen. John McCain is scheduled to speak on Google’s campus, where Hillary has already made a whistlestop.

Jeff to Nolan: you are fired

One of my favorite people in Silicon Valley is changing course. Jeff Nolan,  is leaving Teqlo, after a short stint. He left SAP Ventures to do something else at SAP and then joined Teqlo, a mash-up company. I wrote about the company and still think they are onto something big. Nolan, who is the CEO, however is firing himself.

as the single most expensive employee in the company it really doesn’t make much sense to be paying me when 2 additional engineers would do the company far more in the way of value creation.

Carphone Warehouse, now in the hood

Carphone Warehouse, UK-based mobile phone retail chain, which has made (and lost some of its) name as Talk Talk, a free broadband provider, in the UK is looking to cross the pond and come to the US, to open…. a chain of cell phone stores. The company is currently working with Best Buy on a chain called BestBuy Mobiles. Carphone Warehouse, says it will spend about $25 million and open over 200 stores in the US over the next 18 months.

Wanted, a few dozen Mac Geniuses

Apple is looking to hire a couple of dozen Mac Geniuses, for its expanding retail chain network, according to a search on SimplyHired and The jobs are spread pretty widely, geographically speaking. However the listings are for new locations, like Louisville, Kentucky. The news of an Apple store in Louisville had been reported earlier, but looks like the opening could be a lot sooner.

Meanwhile check out our job board for non-Apple listings. Disclosure: Our job board is powered by SimplyHired.

Google, the best global site

Byte Level Research has put together a list of most global sites. Google tops the rankings, followed by Wikipedia and Cisco Systems. HP, Seagate, Microsoft, and American Express are also on the top ten list of global sites.

Google has become a regular in the number one spot. But it’s not just because of its 100+ language search interface. It is the rapid localization of the many Google software applications that has kept this company on top.

DuggBack into the Digg Trail

Digg fans are getting their own Wayback Machine type mashup for locating lost Digg stories. DuggBack is a site that helps you find removed stories using a mix of mirrors and caches. The service uses the Digg API, and mirror services from DuggMirror, Coral CDN, Wayback Machine and DotCache, and web cache services from Google, Yahoo, Live Search and Ask.

The site has been running live for 4 days now. In the site’s About section creator Torsten writes that the service will be ad supported and that DuggBack was created with no outside funding. Digg recently announced an open API, and has spawned mashups like ‘Who Is Digging You?’. Another geeky tool for Digg’s 1.2 million users!

Google Finance gets tiny upgrades

Google has added ticker symbols on news in Google News. Users who have searched for public companies on Google News can now see the relevant ticker symbol(s) displayed at the end of the news cluster ( example). The ticker leads the user to the corresponding company page on Google Finance with the latest market data, news, blogs and other pertinent company information. Good and valuable addition to Google News.