Does 3Com Have what Vonage Needs?

In more than one of the discussions we’ve had with folks about the Vonage-Verizon patent fight, there has been out-loud wonderment that some prior art hasn’t yet surfaced to invalidate Verizon’s claims. From VoIP Watch blogger Andy Abramson (and his radio cohort Ken Rutkowski) comes a report from “someone” who claims that a 3Com may be the owner of a patent could help Vonage contest Verizon’s claims. Good reading, and there will be more to follow we are sure!

Hitwise is acquired

Experian Group announced today it had bought online metrics provider Hitwise for $240 million in cash. Hitwise has done an exemplary job of packaging and marketing analytics by hooking them onto relevant happenings on the web.

It pays to be a telco boss

There is nothing like having the top job at a phone company. Whether your stock goes up or down, you still make millions. In fact you make way more than say CEO of GE or Pepsi.

* In 2006, Richard Notebaert, CEO and Chairman of Qwest got a total compensation of $16.49 million ($1.1 million in base salary). Qwest stock doubled in 2006

* Gary Forsee, Chariman, CEO and President of Sprint Nextel’s total package for 2006: $21.3 million ($1.44 million in base salary.) Sprint Nextel shares swooned about 17% in 2006.

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Look, it’s a router in the sky

Cisco and Intelsat are working together to put routers in to orbit, as part of Internet Routing In Space (IRIS) project. The idea is that the U.S. military could use internet protocol for their voice, video and data needs. “IRIS is to the future of satellite-based communications what ARPANET was to the creation of the Internet in the 1960s,” Don Brown, vice president of Hosted Payload Programs for Intelsat General told VNUNet.

San Francisco, Partying Like 1999

Portfolio magazine says party is on … again in San Francisco.

Slide, an unmarked club near the Clift Hotel, is partially owned by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams. Mighty and Vessel are two other nightclubs where Web 2.0 companies’ finest, or at least most ambitious, can be found lounging about to thumping house music. Too old—or too proud—to subject yourself to the once-over by a bouncer? Coffee shops provide a more egalitarian mingling space. Ritual Coffee Roasters, in the Mission District, is practically a conference room for local dot-com employees, while venture capitalists mainline their caffeine at cozy Café Lo Cubano, in Laurel Heights.