Games for the weekend: Slingshot Racing

You don’t steer, you don’t brake, you don’t even step on the gas to accelerate. Instead you use a cable attached to various towers situated around the race track to pull your car to victory.

ClearDB brings stability to MySQL databases in the cloud

ClearDB is a powerful database as a service that offers a multiregional approach to MySQL databases in cloud environments. The company promises 100 percent service availability for your database, backed by its SLA guarantee, and provides a zero administration experience so developers can focus on their applications, not their database.

Who were the top ed tech acquirers in 2012?

A report out Wednesday from M&A database CB Insights gives a breakdown of the 2,277 tech acquisitions it tracked last year, but the company did a deeper dive into education to give a snapshot of activity.

Coming to America: a Swiss solar powered plane

A Swiss project that is 10 years in the making aims to show that solar powered planes could one day shuttle people around the world. After carrying out demonstration flights in Europe and North Africa, Solar Impulse is coming to America this year.