Tasting the Forbidden Fruit: Blu-ray on the Mac

Despite lack of official support, you can use Blu-ray on the Mac. It just takes a few more steps than on a Windows machine, and only comes with a lot of help from third-party software. But it can be done. Here’s how.

Quick Tip: Report Spam to Keep Your Gmail Inbox Cleaner

Most email providers have filtering systems that do a pretty good job of catching spam messages. But every so often, there will be a surge of spam messages that get past the filters to pollute our inboxes. Here’s a tip that may help reduce future messages.

Quick Fix: Get Your Music Back After the iOS 4.2 Update

The update to iOS 4.2 that rolled out last Monday went pretty smoothly, but there were many cases of people who updated to 4.2, then seemingly lost all their music. My own iPod touch was affected, but luckily there’s a quick fix available.

How-To: Equation Management in Word 2011

Math and science folks rejoice: Equation editing finally makes its appearance in Office for Mac’s Word 2011. If you’re a student or work in an academic setting, putting equations into your papers can be a pain, but now it’s a little easier.

How-To: Manage Citations in Word 2011

One of the advantages Word 2011 (s aapl) has over Pages ’09 (s aapl) is its stellar built-in citation management; Pages’ integration is reliant on third party tools. Word 2011 has its bibliographic tools baked right in. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using them.

Apple TV: 250,000 Sold In Six Weeks

Apple didn’t announce the number of Apple TVs sold as part of its earnings release, but Steve Jobs reported on the company’s investor call that it’s sold more than 250,000 Apple TVs since the company first made the product available in early September.

Hey Shareholders, Capex Means Cash in the Cloud!

Om’s post about Google’s spending got me thinking about the hypocrisy in the way we assess web companies’ decisions to splurge on infrastructure. Startups are praised for spending on more infrastructure, while public companies feel the wrath of financial analysts when they do the same.

Oct. 15: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

Bolstering the argument that money makes the world go ’round, Google’s earnings, and spending, were big news today, as is the third-quarter decrease in VC funding. AMD’s “better than expected” net loss and the prospect of cloud-caused job losses also garnered attention.

Automate Your Way to Productivity

Lately, I’ve been taking a look at many of the tasks that I do on a regular basis and thinking about ways that I can automate them. There are many things that you can do to eliminate routine tasks that don’t require specialist knowledge.

New Relic Gets Another $10M, Proves SaaS Profitability

SaaS startup New Relic has received an additional $10 million in funding for its application performance management offering that targets both data centers and the cloud. That brings its total to $20 million, which the company says is far more than it needs to be profitable.