White-Label Video Shops, Compared

We promised once upon a time that we could compile a side-by-side comparison of all the white-label video platform providers. Well, somehow other fun things got in the way, and we never got around to it. But recently I found a market comparison of all the folks powering video management and delivery compiled by one such company, Endavo Media. We’ve never covered Endavo before but we connected on Twitter, where they’d posted a link to the comparison chart. As always, the company who created it comes off looking the best, but even so it’s nice to see quite so many of the players organized by feature sets in one place. (Update: Please see the excellent comments from competitors and customers correcting the chart.) Here’s the chart:

Update 2/19: Endavo apparently modified this chart from a Marketing Mechanics report without permission. Marketing Mechanics has provided us with an updated chart (please click through to download the PDF, as it’s way bigger than will fit on our page).

Endavo apparently has a complicated corporate history. As we’ve seen time and again, enterprise video was a Plan B (or C or D). From Endavo’s about page:

Endavo Media was originally founded and incorporated (CeriStar) in 1999 by a group of technology entrepreneurs led by former CEO of Iomega Corporation. In 2002, CeriStar acquired a non-operating public company and began operations as a public company in September 2002. The company changed its name to Endavo Media and Communications, Inc. in September 2004, to better reflect the company’s direction as a business. Funded through the public holding company through 2007, Endavo Media was sold to management by its parent company in early 2008 and is now a privately held company.

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Hertz Moves to Dominate Car-Sharing Market

Following in the footsteps of U-Haul and Enterprise, Hertz (s HTZ) rental cars is rolling out its car-sharing program in December, starting with New York, London and Paris. Unlike Enterprise or U-Haul, though, Hertz will be going after consumers.

“Hertz’s car sharing is located in city environments and is available directly to consumers. In addition, it is going after B2B business as well as B2C, government and universities,” says Paula Rivera, a spokeswoman for the company.

Called Connect by Hertz, the Hertz car-sharing service will mimic existing car-sharing services by providing access to cars in lots throughout cities as opposed to merely offering the service through its existing rental lots. “We’re starting out in neighborhood parking locations, specifically parking garages and on-street parking areas,” Rivera says.
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You Can Surf From China. But Should You?

In Beijing, Internet access will soon be in high demand: Half a million people are expected to visit the city of 17 million for the Olympics, and most of them will want web-based access to personal and corporate sites. This may well be the largest international remote access event ever. Much of the attention has been around whether visitors can surf the Internet. But some people are wondering whether they should. Is it safe to surf from China?

“With Software-as-a-Service applications, more users will access their applications across the Internet, so companies can’t rely on physical or firewall access,” said Marc Gaffan, director of product marketing for RSA’s Identity and Access Assurance Group. “The risks are significantly increased.” The U.S. government’s head of counter-espionage, Joel Brenner, is also cautioning travelers to Beijing about identity theft and other threats.

Most users assume that a secure web connection makes them safe. After all, that little yellow SSL padlock doesn’t just mean your traffic is encrypted, it also tells you the URL you’re visiting is the one you wanted — right? Not always, said Jayson Agagnier, a security consultant who specializes in corporate counter-espionage. “On older browsers, the padlock will still be there even if the user accepts a certificate that is not publicly signed.” Read More about You Can Surf From China. But Should You?

Coworking, Childcare, Cubes & Crayons

Cubes & CrayonsCoworking continues to evolve and mold to the increasingly blurred boundaries between domestic and professional life. An area often overlooked is that of childcare for remote workers and home workers.

I have colleagues and collaborators who, despite the fact they’re self-employed and work largely from a home office, still need to employ childcare. Some may see this as an unnecessary overhead, but it’s actually desperately needed in order to provide focus whilst working from home.

Enter Cubes & Crayons in Menlo Park, CA, self-described as ‘full-time childcare and office space’; think of it as coworking + creche! Cube & Crayons was profiled recently (along with New York’s TwoRooms) in a Springwise article exploring emerging trends in ‘More Work Spaces for Parents‘. Read More about Coworking, Childcare, Cubes & Crayons

What was my most-used gadget on the CES trip?

Monster_20outlets_20to_20go_20003The trip to Vegas was full of gear usage, running around exhaustedly and of course introspection as I always look back on trips like this and give a good thought to what gadgets I took with me.  Guess what my most-used gadget was?  No, it wasn’t the venerable HTC Advantage that let us live-blog from the show floor and no, it wasn’t the HP 2710p which let me do anything I needed to do no matter where I was, even encoding video on the run.  Nope, it was the one thing that stays in my travel bag no matter what else I switch out.  It is the Monster Outlets to Go power strip that I find incredibly useful to take on every single trip I take.  It is simply perfectly designed to do what I need for power.  Thanks Marc!  ‘Nuff said.

Vid-Biz: BrightRoll, Quarterlife, Payne

BrightRoll Raises $5 Million; Series B round includes True Ventures and Adams Street Productions (full disclosure: True Ventures also funds the GigaOM network, which includes NewTeeVee). (PE Hub)

Quarterlife Unveiled at NY Screening; high-profile MySpace series called “watchable, and a whole lot better than most standard TV shows” by CNET reporter. (CNET)

Tyler Perry Goes Mobile; TBS produces ten original House of Payne mobisodes for Verizon. (MediaWeek)

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VON Boston: Bring on the hype, bring on da noise

Jeff Pulver: By tonight most members of the VON team will be in Boston getting ready to produce what looks to be our largest VON Event, passing the numbers we experienced back at Spring 2000 VON.

In a day or so, the VON Boston 2004 is going to kick-off. Given the hype and noise around VoIP, the show is going to be heavily attended. Perhaps, that is a good enough reason for me not to go. I know the bloggers will talk up things which are important, and focus on some non-important issues. Over a decade to following the technology business, here is what I know: bigger the show, less there is to say. Anyway, the VoN madness reminds me of the throngs who showed up at Gilder’s Telecosm show during the telecom bubble. (Such a coincidence that Gilderfest and CTIA shows are the same week!)