How to Replace Lost Billions in a Cord-Cut Nation?

Total subscription dollars for video go down in an over-the-top video world, what with the increased popularity of services like Netflix Watch Instantly and Hulu Plus. With cord cutting on the rise, how do the entertainment and pay-TV industries make up the lost revenue?

Key Questions for Live-Stream Content Providers

The live-stream video market is entering an upturn in the typical hockey stick growth chart. Viewership will more than double by 2014, and as the market grows, it will support both content providers with a diverse, one-stop-shop approach and those with more specialized content and audiences.

Four Ways Social Media Will Change Television

When people mention social media and TV, often the reaction is that viewers don’t want constant status updates and tweets creating a visual mess on their screens. But yesterday at NewTeeVee Live, Robin Sloan from Twitter talked about how Twitter is changing the TV viewing experience.

Strategies of the Top Contenders in Connected TV

The television business is on the cusp of the biggest technological upheaval since cable TV emerged. With that in mind, we examine the leading contenders’ strategic positioning, relative strengths and weaknesses & provide the early line on their odds of success in the connected TV marketplace.

Why Cable May Let the Google Fox Into the Henhouse

Google’s newly announced partnership with DISH will distribute Logitech’s Google TV device and allow for limited integration with the satellite TV provider’s set-tops. But the real question is whether or not Google can sell such an act to the Comcasts and Time Warners of the world.

Apple Censorship: Coming Soon to Your Text Messages?

A new patent the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office just approved was filed in 2008 by Apple and prevents users from sending and receiving “objectionable” text messages. The patent, officially called “Text-based communication control for personal communication device,” essentially prevents what’s known as “sexting.”

What Would Facebook TV Look Like?

Google headlines this week beg the question: Would Facebook ever pursue a three-screen strategy by offering up its own TV platform to users? The answer could be yes, as the TV screen seems too big a honeypot to ignore for a company that lives on advertising dollars.

Quick Tip: Change iPhone App Icons Without Jailbreak

I stumbled across a nifty little way of changing the icons of iOS apps. It’s simple, works on both Mac and PC, and best of all, you don’t have to jailbreak to get it to work. No more ugly app icons cluttering up your home screen.

AOL Acquires Video Syndication Startup 5min

AOL has acquired video syndication specialist 5min Media to boost the amount of video it serves on its sites, while boosting distribution of its own video assets. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, although estimates place the value of the deal at around $50-$65 million.

How Can Cisco Compete in the New Digital Living Room?

Apple and Google may be making all the headlines over the future of the living room, but another tech giant seems to be missing from the connected TV conversation: Cisco. What would Cisco need to do in order to compete in the connected TV space?