Mobile Tech Manor #95: Is That a Computer in Your Pocket?

It’s been a crazy week at the home office — Mobile Tech Manor — with gadgets everywhere and business as usual. Unfortunately my attention was largely focused on a family crisis that dominated everything going on at the Manor. Let’s talk tech for a bit.

jkOnTheRun First Look: Viliv N5 UMPC

Korean gadget maker Viliv is getting the N5 ready for release, and I have a unit in my hands. I’ll be giving the Viliv N5 a deep dive over the next few days, but have some photos of this little Windows 7 PC for your enjoyment.

Dell Getting Busy in the Mobile Space

In a week when all eyes were on a phone found in a bar, Dell has been leaking information about its mobile roadmap. The company is committed to the Android platform, but not exclusively as the Lightning with Windows Phone 7 demonstrates. We’re watching, Dell.

iPad Accessories Series: Portable Bluetooth Keyboard Roundup

My recent account of mobile blogging on the iPad with a portable keyboard touched a vein, and I have been flooded with requests for information about other keyboards that will work with the iPad. This list of portable keyboards shows there a quite a few options.

More HP Slate on Video — Looks Good

The iPad is not the only slate that has been capturing attention lately, the HP Slate the company introduced at the CES in January has quite a few getting excited. It looks compelling, but HP has big shoes to fill since the introduction of the iPad.

Viliv Hits Best Buy

Korean mobile PC maker Viliv has been churning out handheld computers right and left. The Viliv product line covers all sizes of computers, from the 5-inch slate S5 to the new 10-inch S10 Blade convertible. Viliv computers will be available at Best Buy Mobile tomorrow.

More HP Slate Videos — Is Adobe’s Flash the Killer App?

One day after the first iPad television commercial, HP outs not one, but two new videos showing off the upcoming HP Slate. The big push here is to tout something Apple’s iPad can’t deal with — Adobe Flash support. Is that a big deal?

Hands On With the UMID Mbook BZ

I see so many different gadgets that you’d think I’d seen it all, but once in a while something different passes into Mobile Tech Manor. Such is the case with the UMID mbook, a tiny clamshell that has features yielding a solid mobile work experience.

When the Right Gadget Makes a Difference

Last night I decided to head over to the local Denny’s and have a quiet dinner alone, and read a good e-book. I also wanted to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi in the restaurant, so a 7-inch convertible netbook fit the bill perfectly. Here’s why.

iiView 2010 Slate Tablet Sports a 2008 CPU

On the surface, the iiView VPad Tablet looks like a great deal at $499. Is it the sub-$500 UMPC we’ve dreamt of for years? Two glaring deficiencies say the answer is “probably not” but it might meet the needs of some.