MTV’s GameTrailers Goes Mobile

MTV, a Viacom owned company, has announced that is going mobile with a new channel for all of you mobile media lovers. The new channel will provide mobile gaming content over Amp’d initially, and then be moving across other major carriers shortly afterwards. As an added feature, premiering on the mobile channel, along with other GameTrailers shows, is a new program dedicated to mobile gaming. Sounds like MTV Networks has formed an aggressive strategy for the mobile market.[digg=] Read More about MTV’s GameTrailers Goes Mobile

Playstation Store: What’s Going On With Warhawk?

The Playstation Store, Sony’s online market for casual games and content delivery for the PS3, is kind of a confusing mess at the moment. With a relatively weak lineup of content so far, there isn’t really anything to get excited about or even make you want to click on the store icon in the PS3 menu. Is that going to change, and if so, how long will it take? Maybe Warhawk will help… if it gets released. Read More about Playstation Store: What’s Going On With Warhawk?

Casual Games and Comics for Consoles – D2C Games Tells Us How

Xbox Live Arcade proved the surprising popularity of simple, casual games on next gen consoles—but can you build a new business out of that fact? What if you tossed in comics? D2C Games, the new company from Scott Orr(Lead Designer for the first two Madden NFL games) and Bart Besseling(Head of Quarium Inc, a company that has worked with EA and other large companies on various projects), is bringing casual gaming and comic book content to the consoles and handhelds. With their use of Quarium’s Hydrant Technology, technology designed for rapid development and online infrastructure, D2C hopes to bring game development costs down and pass that savings on to the consumer. I had the chance to sit down with Orr and Besseling to discuss casual games, interactive comics and digital distribution. Read More about Casual Games and Comics for Consoles – D2C Games Tells Us How

First Looks at a “Chinese Second Life”

HiPiHiThere’s been a lot of buzz recently over this trailer for HiPiHi, which purports to be a Chinese version of Second Life. The dialog is all in Mandarin, which I don’t speak, so I’ve been holding off on commenting until I could get a translation/summary from those who do. Two Asia media/VC bloggers, Bjorn Lee and Kaiser Kuo, have taken up that gauntlet, so now we have numerous nuggets to work with, summarized after the break:
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Game Trailer of the Day: Sandboxing a Crackdown

crackdown-sandbox.jpgNext week, my man Jason McMaster will be reviewing Crackdown from GigaGamez’s unique point of view. Meantime, here’s an interesting comparison of trailers for the highly anticipated, sci fi-tinged, gangsters-versus-
mercenaries slugfest for the Xbox 360 out this week. There’s a number of versions on YouTube, and thanks to the video site’s View Count, you’re able to see which one gamers are watching most— and by inference, what about the game excites them most, too. As of today, the official trailer (watch here), which depicts Crackdown as an acrobatic, car-borne shoot-em-up,has been seen a paltry 1,435 times. But then you notice there’s another, unofficial Crackdown video that’s been seen over 50,000 times, and it’s all wacky stunts, crashes, and automotive noodling.
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Tune In, Turn On, Frag Guys

If you’ve ever really wished that you could watch gaming on television, then this is your time. Not only has DirecTV gotten into the business of broadcasting video game television, but now, according to C|NET News, Major League Gaming has announced a content deal with Flame Ventures to bring its league play to television. Though it’s definitely exciting news for gamers, will it actually attract viewers? Read More about Tune In, Turn On, Frag Guys

Game Trailer of the Day: *This* is Sparta?

300 for PSPI’ll never understand why game developers are so unwilling to stay true to the spirit of their non-game IP. Easily the most anticipated movie of the season, Frank Miller’s 300 is a highly stylized retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae, in which several hundred elite Spartans held off an invading army of a million Persian warriors. (Or according to some revisionists, a mere hundred twenty thousand.) In case you somehow missed the gloriously stunning trailer, it’s here. The film hits theaters next month, and I’m going to be first in line. A PSP version of the movie is also coming out in March, and well, I think I’m taking a pass. Have a look at the game trailer, and explain how it could possibly please hardcore Miller fans.
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Game Trailer of the Day: John Woo’s Stranglehold

Stranglehold TrailerCult filmmaker creates game for a genre already heavily influenced by cult filmmaker’s original movie IP equals… blockbuster, or ironic so-so seller? I’ve been a fan of John Woo’s Hong Kong action films since forever, so I’ve had an eye on Midway’s Stranglehold; slated for May release for the 360, PS3, and PC, it’s an official game-based sequel to Woo’s action movie masterpiece Hard-Boiled, created with the participation of Woo and star Chow Yun-Fat (who lends his face and motion-captured action moves to the game’s animation.) View the Stranglehold trailer here, and revel in its explosive gameplay.

But will Stranglehold be a hit at retail? All else being equal, I’d say probably not. And ironically, that’s because John Woo has already had too big an influence on popular culture.
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YouTube for Gamers?
Still in Beta, now has 700,000 640,000 monthly visitors, according to Jason Freidenfelds, spokesman with site owner Ziff-Davis. (It’s part of ZD’s 1UP Network for gamers.) That’s a lot of gamers looking at trailers, industry interviews, and segments from ZD’s video programming, which is what led Entertainment Weekly to dub it “the videogame version of YouTube” last year.

That may be overstating it, though its relative success does suggest a danger for YouTube, which could lose out to niche video sites like this one, if they don’t make it easier for viewers to find the content they really want to watch— as opposed to wading into YouTube’s morass of mistagged/deceptive/just plain bad videos. (By contrast, GameVideos has the human filter of an editorial staff that ultimately select the videos which go up.)

From my vantage, at least, it’s going to take some time before it’ll reach YouTube’s heights, if ever. Unlike YouTube, many of the site’s videos come embedded with commercials, and the community tools are still relatively scarce or difficult to navigate.

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