Gaming On the Air

It was only a matter of time, really, until someone started broadcasting gaming as a sport. In fact, it has already happened. There are two seperate channels in South Korea, OnGameNet and MBCgame, that broadcast 24 hour a day gaming and feature anything from strategy to FPS games. Well, we wouldn’t want to be left behind would we? Of course not! That’s where DirecTV comes in. Read More about Gaming On the Air

Microsoft Brings TV to the 360

At this past weekend’s CES, everybody trotted out their new gadgets and services. Everyone talked about their sales figures and, for some bizarre reason, Sony won an Emmy this year. Among the speeches and the showcases, Microsoft (NASDAQ : MSFT.O) made a rather interesting announcement: the XBox 360 and Microsoft IPTV are coming together to add interesting new functionality to the living room. Read More about Microsoft Brings TV to the 360

Nintendo Leading the Way In the Digital Age

One dream that many people share is the idea of making the living into room the complete digital hub for the whole family. Other than the convenience of having all of your Internet and entertainment needs combined into one central area, there’s also the business side of things to consider. Being able to stream new content from the web and via specialized mini-transactions to the common household unlocks significant income opportunities. This is the market segment that Microsoft has been chasing after for quite some time now, but it’s not the 360 that’s making the biggest strides… it’s Nintendo (NTDOY.PK). Read More about Nintendo Leading the Way In the Digital Age

A Free Game to Help Sell a Game?

Does anyone remember when the PS2 came out, and there was this game called Zone of the Enders? Not really ringing any bells? Well, how about this: it was the game that included the demo of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Zone of the Enders, while it had its fans, didn’t sell nearly as many copies off of its own merits than as it did because it came out shortly after launch and was packaged with that demo. It would seem that maybe Microsoft is trying to find a little bit of that magic as well. Read More about A Free Game to Help Sell a Game?

PS3 Demo Kiosks Are Freezing Up On Purpose?

It’s not a myth that any piece of hardware, no matter how small or efficient, will eventually lock up under the right conditions. One of the most common conditions for a hardware failure is heat, and it will do it every time. Most people have seen the demo kiosks that the console companies ship out to stores to show off their latest and greatest inventions. Well, the poblem with these kiosks is that they’re not always well ventilated. This kind of poor construction or oversight leads to quite a few lock-ups and system failures, which is never good for the customer’s perception of your product. However, Sony has taken this to a new high – they PURPOSELY make the PS3 fail so that people won’t waste all day staring at it. Read More about PS3 Demo Kiosks Are Freezing Up On Purpose?

Sony and Nintendo Sign Content Delivery Deal With Akamai

Japanese company Akamai has signed deals with both Nintendo and Sony to act as the infrastructure of their online content delivery systems. Akamai specializes in online content delivery systems and is currently used by such customers as Fox Interactive, Logitech and Clear Channel. Odds are, you’ve used their service without even knowing it. So, what does this mean? It means that Sony and Nintendo are taking the online arena seriously, and that’s a good thing for players and businesses. Read More about Sony and Nintendo Sign Content Delivery Deal With Akamai

Konami Offers Free Demos of Classic Games

The line between handheld game consoles and mobile phones just keeps getting blurrier and blurrier. According to this Games Industry report, Konami has announced that they’re going to make several of their classic games available as demos on their new mobile portal. These demos are available to help consumers choose which product they want to purchase and play. Read More about Konami Offers Free Demos of Classic Games