Stream Video From Your Hard Drive With Pogoplug Video

Pogoplug Video, announced today at CES, will allow you to make videos available to clients more easily. The device will stream HD video and images from your own external hard drive, directly to desktops and laptops, as well as to iOS, Android, and other mobile devices.

Direct Over-The-Air TV Coming to iPad and iPhone

You can now get video on your iPhone or iPad from many sources, but grabbing over-the-air local TV directly, which is still the best (legal) way not to pay for TV hasn’t been a possibility. That’s going to change, thanks to iOS-compatible mobile DTV receivers.

Satish Dharmaraj: Forecasting the Cloud [video]

Is hardware dead? Has the energy gone out of the SaaS market? How has Amazon impacted the economics of it all? Find out in our sit-down interview with Satish Dharmaraj, co-founder of email startup Zimbra, who’s now a partner at Redpoint Ventures.

How Obama Created A Branded Web Series By Accident

One joke from President Obama, made two weeks ago during a press conference, has kicked off a national branded campaign led by a daily episodic web series, thanks to 7-Eleven and Happy Little Guillotine Films. Obama, however, holds the key to the show being a success.

The Social Innovation of Glee!

The celebrity tweet: good or bad? For the wildly popular television show Glee! it’s been a great success, though Fox VP of Innovation Hardie Tankersley admits that companies need to tread carefully in the Twitterverse.

The Future of the Screen is the App

At NewTeeVee Live, Schematic’s chief creative officer Dale Herigstad explains that the future of the screen is layered, a single space, branded and looks like an iPhone app.

Chatroulette Piano Improv Guy, Merton, Evolves

How will Merton, the improv piano guy who got famous via Chatroulette, evolve? He tells the crowd at NewTeeVee Live he plans to keep performing live events, interacting with his audience and signing deals with companies that can fund him.

Next New Swaps Programming Chops for AOL Distribution

Next New Networks has expanded its roster of distribution partners today with the launch of The One, a daily web series produced exclusively for AOL spotlights “the one thing we’re thinking about today.” The deal includes yet another home for some of NNN’s other shows.

Video How-To: Uninstall Flash in Mac OS X

In light of the news that having Flash on your system could drastically affect battery life for notebooks, here’s a video showing you how to remove it from OS X if it’s already installed. It takes a little more digging than you might think.

Light, As A Feather, A Video That Bends Browsers

So if you’re going to only watch one cool thing on the Internet today, here you go: the quasi-music video Light, As a Feather, created by filmmaker Paul Kamuf with music by John Pugh. Load it in a browser that’s not Safari, and you’re welcome.