Americans Now Watch 30 Minutes of Online Video Per Day

The average U.S.-based Internet user is now watching some 30 mintes of online video every day, according to new data from comScore. The viewing time per user is up 40% since last year, thanks in part to video sites like YouTube making their offerings stickier.

Bringing the Scheduled Web to Internet TV

The current frustration with cable is that it is still based on mass audience, has very little customization in its schedule and doesn’t encompass all video that is available. The next iteration of video programming will provide access to mainstream television programming along with web video.

Open Thread: Are Cord Cutters Hip Or Poor?

We know that Comcast is losing cable subscribers en masse. What we don’t know is what makes them cancel: Are these cord cutters ready to switch to Hulu? Or are we talking about victims of the recessions who just can’t afford HBO and Showtime anymore?

Q&A With Twitter’s Robin Sloan: Tweets Transform TV

TV has a huge influence on what people are talking about on Twitter, but the opposite is true as well: TV networks listen to Twitter and use tweets as feedback. Robin Sloan talks to us about how Twitter works with TV programmers, and vice versa.

What to Read Today: Mark Suster On the Future of TV

VC Mark Suster shared an excellent overview of the major trends that are shaping the future of television and online video on his blog this week, touching subjects like the iPad in he living room, the success of YouTube and the importance of content discovery tools.

Canada Loves Online Video, Too

Canadians love online video just as much as their U.S. couch potato counterparts. A new study from M Consulting and Ipsos Reid reveals that 81 percent of Canadians occasionally watch videos online. An impressive 41 percent even turn to online video more than once a week.

ComScore: Yahoo Beats Facebook for Videos Viewed

Maybe web video junkies have the back-to-school blues? According to new numbers released by comScore today, there was a slight dip in online video viewership last month, with the total number of Internet users watching online video dropping from 178 million in August to 175 million.

Weekend Poll: What Does Google TV Need to Succeed?

Google TV devices are starting to reach the market with Logitech’s Revue set-top box and Sony’s Internet TV this month – but will consumers bite? The first generation of devices is pretty expensive, and doesn’t even offer access to Hulu – but what else is missing?

Video: 12 Percent of Roku’s Customers Cut the Cord

Twelve percent of Roku’s customers have canceled their cable TV subscription, and many others have cut bakc on their monthly pay TV spending, according to Roku’s CEO Anthony Wood. Check out the video interview we did with Wood when he visited our office earlier this week.

Paywalls Cut Interest in Online Services in Half

Using paywalls instead of advertising to monetize online content will cut consumer interest in the web in half, according to a new study by McKinsey. The study looked at the value surplus consumers in the U.S. and Euope are getting out of their Internet usage.