Dan 3.0’s Launch Doubles Revision3 Site Traffic

Dan 3.0, Revision3 and YouTuber Dan Brown’s daily experiment in crowd-sourcing content ideas, has gotten off to a solid start this week. Revision3.com site traffic doubled on Monday when the show launched, and over 5,000 suggestions have been made for activities.

Internet TV More Popular Than 3-D TV

Still don’t have a 3-D TV? Don’t feel bad: 3-D TV sets aren’t actually the big consumer electronics trend of the year, according to a new report from iSuppli. That title goes to Internet-enabled TV sets, with worldwide shipments reaching 27.7 million units this year.

Weekend Poll: How Would You Fix Chatroulette?

Chatroulette introduced new features this week, but the extensive media coverage of the new Channelroulette and Localroulette offerings inevitably led to tons of penis jokes. So what can the site do to succeed? How can it possibly make money, and what needs to be fixed first?

For Online Video, Work Time Is Still Primetime

Despite the growing number of people that watch online video in the primetime hours of 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., for the most part online video viewing continues to be a work-time distraction, according to new data from TubeMogul and Brightcove.

World Cup a Boost to YouTube Mobile

Mobile users browsed the web and checked on scores with their handsets while World Cup soccer games were broadcast, and flocked to YouTube the day after important matches to find video footage of goals, fouls and penalty kicks, according to a new report from Allot Communications.

World Cup Stats: The Net’s Biggest Sporting Event

Millions tuned in online to watch the World Cup, with both ESPN3 and Univision serving huge audiences. Mobile TV services have also seen significant traffic, and Twitter went down due to the surge of complaints about those vuvuzelas. Read all the details in our stats round-up.

Weekend Poll: Battle of the Boxes Edition

Apple is going to offer $0.99 TV show rentals for its revamped Apple TV, Google is betting on integrating a search bar with your cable content and Boxee has alsways had a really slick UI. So which box are you going to buy this fall?

Open Thread: Streaming vs. Downloads

Instead of downloading massive video files to an iPhone, iPad or next-generation Apple TV, Apple will soon allow iTunes users to be able to stream those video files instead. But is streaming always the best option for video delivery to connected devices?

BitTorrent-Distributed Pioneer One Is Now Number 1

Two weeks after the independently-produced Pioneer One‘s premiere, it’s become the most-seeded show on BitTorrent while also raising over $20,000 from fans for production of the next three episodes. But should the show’s producers seek out a steady source of funding — or stick to crowdsourcing?

World Cup Stats: Weekend Time Is TV Time

With the U.S. team, Mexico and many others heading home, will online traffic for World Cup streams and Twitter live updates plummet? First stats seem to signal that interest in the tournament is ebbing off, but the U.S. team’s last game still saw some significant traffic.