What K-O’ed Skype Last Week

Skype, the Internet telephony service went on the blink last week, stranding millions who rely on it to communicate. In conversation, CEO Tony Bates revealed that the problem might be some errant Windows clients, but that only hinted at the true cause, which I explain here.

Skype CEO Tony Bates: Here Is an Update

Skype CEO Tony Bates in a conversation gives us an update and status report on Skype’s outage. It seems like a majority of users in Europe and the East Coast of the U.S. are back online. Bates is sorry about the outage and will compensate users.

State of Skype: 23 Hours Later

Skype failed yesterday, and this morning, almost 24 hours after people first started complaining about not being able to log on, the VoIP provider disclosed that about 10 million people were back online: about 40 percent of its concurrent user base of 25 million.

Skype Goes Down. Millions Impacted. Skype responds

If you are one of Skype’s many users who use the service to make a living or talking to your remote users, then you are straight out of luck. The service this morning is down and the outage is impacting millions of users.

Hello fring, This Is Android & Money Calling

First, Skype and Nimbuzz reported how well they are doing. Then there was the spectacular launch of Viber. And now fring is telling us that they are seeing their quarterly revenues grow at a rapid clip. Mobile VoIP is finally seeing its day under the sun.

By The Numbers: How The Workforce Is Changing

The nature of the work force is changing radically, thanks to the connected-ness of modern society. This work shifting is prompting need for new tools, new methodologies and new corporate work methodologies. Here are findings from a survey conducted on behalf of Skype and GigaOM Pro.

Why Is Skype Moving to the Web? Hiring Binge Explained

Skype is on an engineering hiring binge. From mobile developers to web gurus, the Internet telephony company wants them all, especially in Silicon Valley, as it tries to expand its agenda from being a mere desktop client to the dial tone of the 21st century.

Virtual Office Pro: Complete Cloud Communications

Virtual Office Pro 2.0, from telecoms company 8×8, is a web-based suite of communications services. It includes phone, fax, web conferencing, call recording and chat, and has functions that are standard with many VoIP systems, such as call forwarding and three-way calling.

On Broadband, VoIP Finds Its Voice

One in five broadband lines has a VoIP service attached to it, according to analyst firm Point Topic. They estimate nearly 22 percent of consumer broadband lines have a VoIP service. That’s about 112 million lines at the half-way mark in 2010.

Skype Boots Nimbuzz, Tightens Grip On Ecosystem

Skype, the big daddy of Internet telephony, Skype is cutting off Nimbuzz, the upstart mobile VoIP company from Netherlands. In addition, the company is exerting a tighter control over its mobile ecosystem, especially as it signs up lucrative partnership deals with mobile phone companies.